Monday, March 25, 2013

Yaaaa.... Pa´ que!

Buenos dias querida familia! Be nuegambe?

      So this week was super priti! Mostly because of the sweet reunion we had with Elder Duncan from the Area Presidency and how it´s been working as we apply his counsel to the area. We weren´t able to baptize anyone but hopefully this Saturday and Sunday we´ll have some people baptized. 

     To start off a short funny story. We were teaching the timid girl and trying to get her to pray. We tried and tried but she wouldn´t pray for nothing. So i said, ok i´ll offer an example prayer and than you pray and she said yes. We had done that before but she didn´t pray. Anyway, this time, i start my prayer and everything is going good then all of the sudden i hear this crack and thud! Everyone just breaks out in laughter and i look up and see my comp on the ground next to the broken chair with this stunned face on him hahaha he slowly just gets up, puts the chair back up and sits down saying, keep going with the prayer. It was soooo funny! Anyway the cool part is that it lightened up the girl and she ended up giving a little prayer which happened to be the first prayer of her life. She still doesn´t really talk to us but we take this other girl with us and with the 2nd girl there and using lots of head nods we have been able to figure out that she´s nervous about being baptized, and she is not sure if it´s something she really needs to do because she doesn´t really even know who Jesus Christ is, so we may have to start from the very beginning with her and teach her again.  

      The D_______s didn´t come to church.... But we have them scheduled to go to the temple this Saturday because the husband doesn´t work for Semana Santa and the temple will be open - we couldn´t get permission to open the temple visitor center just for them last Saturday like we hoped. We've got some random dumb problems to fix with them, but we'll get it worked out, haha. 

      The family B_____e is coming along slowly.  The son E_____ came to church alone because the dad was working and his sister didn´t have modest clothes and his mom was sick. He´s a tight dude and i think he´ll be baptized but i´m not sure if we want to wait to try to baptize the whole family together or baptize him alone so he can be an example for his family. The dad is also positive but there are for sure problems coming in the future but we´re up for the challenge! We took the second counselor in the branch presidency, and his wife over to their house to visit with us and it was a really spiritual lesson. They shared their testimonies and everyone talked about that for awhile so it was good. 

      N____ still hasn´t had her baby, we´re going to visit her on Tuesday to see how she´s doing. We´re not going to be able to do anything with them till a few weeks after she has her baby. 

      We found the K___a family that we were teaching  and she´s still up for being baptized and accepting todo but she is always gone on Sundays. We went to pick her up after agreeing on it but this Sunday she went to Panama (city). If she comes to church, she´ll get baptized really fast. We´ve been taking this K buddy over to help us translate and it helps alot. 

     We are almost done getting S_____i married and then we´ll be able to baptize her. We have the medical papers with a nurse so we just need to go get them back, and turn them in so that they'll give us a date for the marriage. 

     So we had a cool visit from el Elder Duncan of the Area Presidency. First we had a meeting with him as district leaders and zone leaders, and in that meeting, he taught us how to be better leaders and how to really care for and get to know our zone, investigators and wards. It was an amazing meeting the first one, i got a ton out of it and i hope to put it into practice right now!  The second meeting was for all missionaries not just leaders, and it was equally good. He talked to us about getting the vision of our ward, and not our vision but God´s vision for how He wants us to work and how the ward can end up at the end of our time. We need to have the big picture in mind and not just think about the time that we are in the area. It was sweet, obviously because being able to talk one on one with a general authority is a once in a life time opportunity and to have a meeting with him and only have like 20 other people there was awesome!   You can really feel the power he has when he´s in the room. It´s a goal for me to have such a spirit that when I walk into the room others can tell I have a good LDS spirit.

     Do you guys remember the package that you sent like over a year ago with two bags and a jersey and chocolate? Well, surprise! I got it! The chocolate tasted horrible, but the bags and the Jersey and the Rubik cube were still in there, it was a nice unexpected surprise, haha. 

     Well to finish up I would just like to say how i know that the profeta and apóstoles are called of God. Elder Duncan talked to us in a way that you knew that he was a true servant of God and it usually feels like every thing has already been said about missionary work and there is nothing that can be said to improve it but then he came and totally blew our heads off with new revolutionary ways to improve the work. I know that our leaders are called of God and i can´t wait to hear from them again in the coming General Conference. Take care everyone and be safe! Life is good here in blazing hot and getting hotter Panama! Love you guys and miss you!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Pfister

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