Monday, March 11, 2013

Woppin mo!!


    This was a good week for us for the most part. We were able to find a bunch of new people and put new fechas with some new investigators that i feel are going to progress. We had some pretty cool experiences too.

    Starting with the new people we found... We went with this member who is kuna, and active, to visit these two families that he and another kuna, who was less-active, had been working with, and it was super interesting. At the beginning they were just speaking kuna and i understand a little, like a tiny bit so pretty much i had no idea what they were saying and then he said, well go ahead and speak to him and i was totally lost, but once we started conversando in Spanish it went pretty well. The parents didn´t really understand because they don´t speak much Spanish but the daughter did and she accepted the fecha with her son... but they didn´t come to church yesterday so we´ll see when they are getting baptized.
We also found this less active family who live in the rich neighborhood, and we had a good talk with them and they have this lady living with them that is really interested in the church, and she asked us to give a blessing to her daughter so we think we can put a fecha with her too.
 We finally found the pink house we were originally looking for that I told you about last week, and it paid off because we found the girl who lives there; she likes the church alot, she´s really shy so she doesn't talk very much to us but according to her parents she really liked going to church, and is interested in getting baptized. 
 We had this really interesting thing happen to us, really more interesting for me than for Elder Collier. So we were taking these kids home from a family home evening one night and coming back from the home these guys who had been drinking called us over so we went over to them to talk. We started talking and this one guy said how he knows Mormons in Penonome and i was like 'oh that's cool cuz i was there for a while' and then randomly his wife called on his cell phone, and he says 'oh this is my wife, she´s Mormon too, talk to her a little bit, and then he passed me the phone and was like 'talk to my wife for me.' So we started talking and the lady asked who i was and i said Elder Pfister and she was like, Really!? Elder Pfister, weren´t you here in Penonome? Do you remember Hermana Vicky?, well i´m her sister, the mom of Ikaika who you baptized! And i was like 'wow what a coincidence that i find your husband here in Colon after baptizing your daughter in Penonome.' Then i talked to the guys and I asked the husband if he realized that i was the Elder that baptized his daughter, haha.  It was really interesting and funny, but they became really friendly with us after that, offering us everything and now were teaching them a little, so we'll see how it goes. 

I got both the packages you sent this last Monday by the way, so no worries - they almost always get here eventually haha, thanks alot i really enjoy the pictures and i´m wearing the dri-fit shirt, and using the athletic bag right now! As for a winter ski pass to Beaver Mountain, yes, i´d love to have one, to be able to go skiing shortly after returning home from the mission, 3 years without skiing now (because of my knee surgery)...would be great!

     Thanks a ton for everything you guys do for me, all the love and support i really appreciate it alot! I love you guys, take care!
Elder Pfister

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