Friday, March 1, 2013

Todo Cul!!

Q´ Xopa Mo!
     Ofi, this week was a pretty good one. We had changes and now i feel weird because i don´t have a latino comp by my side, i´m with a gringo! I´ve had a latino comp for the last year so this is a big change. My comp is Andrew Collier from Riverton, Utah and he has 11 months in the mission. He is huge, 6´ 5¨ and 250ish lbs so now I have a giant to protect me in the mean streets haha. He´s cool and chill so it should be a good change. Perez, my old comp, is now comps with Elder Mayo who was my roommate in the MTC, and they are both crazy, so that should be interesting.  Elder Atuake my MTC comp, is now in San Blas Islands, so you probably won´t be hearing from him for 6 weeks and he won´t get any packages or letters just so ya know. But he was pumped to get sent out there, i´m still hoping to go but we´ll see.
    As far as investigators go, the D________s had a cool experience. So on Wednesday we took one of them (R____) to seminary and she enjoyed it,  but on the way back we were talking and i asked her when she was going to get baptized, and she said as soon as God confirms her prayers.  So I asked how she was going to get that confirmation and she said by praying and reading the Bible. So i told her that if she wanted a response about the Book of Mormon she has to read the Book of Mormon, and I left her with a bunch of homework to do. And while we were sitting and talking i was showing her my favorite scriptures, and my comp said that while we were reading she was on the verge of crying because she felt the power of the Book of Mormon. We went back there the next day and i didn´t even ask if she and her family had finished the assignment, because for most people it takes them a whole week to read one chapter in the BOM. But we were  talking about other things and she told me that they studied and i asked what had they studied, and it turns out that they sang hymns, prayed, read the upcoming lesson for the investigator class in gospel principles, and they looked up every scripture, and read the chapters i left for them in the Book of Mormon- and then finished with prayer again. And the best part is that they did it all by themselves without a member or a missionary helping them along. And even better, they said that they loved what they studied and they were super happy about everything. Sounds just like Family home evening, right? Just missing a game and refreshments haha and they aren´t even members.... yet. Anyway it was all great and we were going to put a fecha with them but then the husband found out that his brother had been murdered back in Brasil so that killed the mood with them, but we have an appointment to meet them this Tuesday.
    We are getting close to getting two more couples married and baptized, and we have appointments for the medical papers this week and then we just gotta turn it all in and wait for the date that the officials give us. I´m now a pro in marrying people here, the people in the court place even recognize me now haha. The fam p___ f___ are still going slow but the mom is going to hospital this week to give birth to her baby and then after a week or so of rest i think she´ll be coming to church with us again and she´ll be baptized i think. The branch has a little party planned for her for the baby birth and stuff so they are really supporting her. 
    Well it´s really weird to think about a new mission president coming here but President Ward and his wife are almost done and soon it´ll be a new gringo President. I wonder how well the incoming Pres kept up his Spanish. I remember that the apostle Christofferson had amazing Spanish, and that most the other gringo General Authorities that came also had really good Spanish. They must get a lot of practice traveling and visiting people.
    Well, my sunburn peeled off on my neck, it was really painful the first two days with my shirt collar rubbing it but now it´s good. I´m super tan right now because the sun is really strong here and we walk alot in the sun but it looks funny because i have a really bad tan line from my watch and my shirt sleeves. Some people say i look latin now except for my eyes haha. Sometimes i miss the cold so much i stick my head in the freezer and pretend I'm back at home,  hahaha. 

    So this last change was probably my favorite change of the mission but i hope to make this next one even better. The plan is the branch will have us work some in this upscale neighborhood to try to baptize a few families so that they can split the branch and have two branches, because the chapel is really far away from the poorer neighborhoods so that keeps lots of people from coming - so they want to make a branch that takes in the richer neighborhoods and then make a new one in the poorer area,  and I'm sure that the less-well off branch will soon be a ward because there are alot of people there. It´s an interesting plan but we´re going along with it. 
    The best part of this week was definitely the D______s and their experience with the power of the Book of Mormon. I´ve had lots of times when people just read a little bit of it, then they feel the power of the book, and they realize it is true, so it´s super book in reality, haha. 

    Take care everyone and it´s good to hear everything is good and everyone is doing well. Enjoy the snow for me and I´ll enjoy the heat for you guys! Take care and i love you!
Elder Pfister

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