Monday, February 18, 2013

Cambios, Cambios...

Que xopa,
     Well, this week was a normal week and kind of a slow one because it was the last full week before changes (cambios/transfers), we have changes tomorrow and my companion Elder Perez is leaving so I´ll be getting a new one tomorrow. We were able to baptize one person this week, but the D_____s weren´t ready yet they said, but they said that in March they´ll be ready they think.
    So the cool thing i wanted to tell you is about E___'s baptism last week, and what he told me afterwards. His baptism was nice, but nothing out of the ordinary in terms of talks or what we did. After we got done changing into our dry clothes, he starting talking to me and he said, ¨I feel super clean, it feels great to be baptized! When you dunked me i felt like I went up to heaven and while i was there, i saw another person standing there and it was God and He was smiling and super happy for what i had done, and then when you pulled me out of the water, i got pulled out of heaven and i fell back to earth but with a good feeling that i knew i did the right thing. Man, i feel this burning inside of me, it´s like a flame inside of me, it feels so good.¨  That´s what he said to me and it made me super happy to see and hear how much his baptism affected him and how special it was to him. What a great spiritual experience.  Sometimes as missionaries I feel that we lose the special feeling of a baptism because we baptize alot of people, and for us it´s another soul brought into the Kingdom of God, but for that individual, it´s one of the best days of their life, and the way he described it made me feel and remember how special it is.
     The rest of our investigators are slowly progressing, we had 5 investigators in the sacrament meeting yesterday, and we are marrying 3 couples to be able to baptize the wives. This week we didn´t really find more people because my comp was saying goodbye to many people, and finishing up his final wishes in our area.
     This p-day we went to this island and chilled on the beach all day, so i´m super burned, but it was way fun, but now i´m super drained so i´m going to keep it short this week but things are going good here, i´m excited and nervous for changes as normal. This change the last 9 weeks with Elder Perez has been one of the best in my mission. Take care and remember that I love you!
 Elder Pfister

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