Tuesday, February 5, 2013

¡Que tengas un buen día!

   Well this week was a good one for us! We had a baptism of this girl who´s family just recently got reactivated in the church, and we had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting two weeks in a row, which is not a normal thing here in Panama  - so we´re pumped about that! We are going to have two baptisms this Saturday, E___ and A____, two young men from the C_______ which is the community center place. They are both going to be baptized, and then the branch is going to the temple on the next Monday, so we´re hoping that they can get permission to go there after the baptism, so that they can have a super spiritual weekend with their baptisms, and then a trip to the temple. Also we´re teaching and hoping that N___, our most recent convert, can also make it to the temple with the branch. The temple will be a great experience for them if they can go because just being by in the temple you can feel the Spirit and have a peace within you that you can´t get anywhere else. I know because this p-day we went there, and that´s why i´m writing on Tuesday. The D_______s came to church also, and really enjoyed it so we´re hoping to be able to baptize them the16 of febrero if all goes well. 
Again, sorry, i don´t have much time because I downloaded some new music and spent most my time doing that... :)   ha ha but i´m trying to get the important things in here in the few minutes that I have left. 
The debit card works, you´ll notice that i spent some money, i bought new shoes for me and my comp but he´s going to pay me back. Hush puppies again and super comfy. I sent you the mission video of me and Elder Perez, so i hope you got it.   Elder Atuake is right  - my go home date is the 24th, but i don´t want to talk about that yet...
Mom, Hermana Ward said it´s important that you check to see if my scholarships are declined until January and not just august  because i think we just delayed them until august.
Question - where did you guys live in Brazil again? We´re teaching a braseleño.
That high school in Mexico City that´s going to be the new MTC is where my companion Elder Perez went to school, so he´s sad that they are closing it because he said that it helped him out alot to gain a testimony and stay in the church. 
Well as usual i´ll try to write more next week! Take care and i love you lots!
Elder Pfister

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