Monday, January 28, 2013


Buena Buena!
   Well, this was a good week for us! We only had one baptism but it was a good one and we´re going to have another one this Saturday. We baptized C_______ or Nino as we call him. It was cool because we went to his house this week to see if he wanted to get baptized this week, and before we even said anything he told us, "I decided i want to be baptized, i want to be baptized this Saturday." It was a great baptism because we did it with other missionaries and overall we baptized 9 people as a zone, including one elderly man who is missing a leg and is in a wheel chair; it was difficult to baptize him but he was crying because he was so happy. We plan on sending Nino to the temple with the ward this next Monday so he can do baptisms. 
    So we found a potential gold mine of baptisms, as we contacted this lady who works for this community home where they put children who´s parents don´t want them. She works there as a mom and she used to go to church along with her kids, and they all came to church with us this week, nine of them, and she said she wants to be baptized, and E_____ a 15 year old young man also wants to baptized soon. There are 2 others that are of age that i think will be baptized. E____ was super emotional about how much he wants to be baptized, and how much he wants to help other people. He´s a really cool guy. 
   The family P___F____,  including J___ ,N___ , Y___ and V____, are slowly progressing towards baptism. The problem is that she is pregnant and she is often not feeling well enough to attend Church on Sunday, but we did take her to the baptism and she said she liked it and she really wanted to see how the LDS do it. N___ is super ready to be baptized, she even said in a lesson that she would be baptized outside in the pool that very second she´s so ready, but she wants it to be a family thing and they aren't all ready.  We hope they´ll be baptized this month.
    The lady E___ R___, who accepted the fecha after reading some of the Book of Mormon, wasn´t home either time we went to visit her which was a downer, but we talked to her daughter and left her something to read before we meet again. We also put some other random fechas during the week with some other people we taught, so we´ll see how they progress. We have the goal to baptize 5 this month but to be honest we have like 15 people  that could be baptized in the next 6 weeks or so.  
    We have this family that we call the D______s, the dad is a member but less active. We have taught them and the daughter really wants to be baptized and the mom has shown a little interest, but the problem is that they are well off financially and they seem to not be in rush at all to do things because they already feel super blessed. 

   So Elder Christofferson (the apostle) came to talk to us as a mission. It was really special because just from the way he talks and the spirit he projects, one can tell he is an apostle of God and a special witness of the Savior.  He and others gave us a few talks on the mission work, and then Elder Christofferson answered questions that we had about the work here in Panama.  And yeah i got to shake his hand and talk a little with him and the others with him. 
   The mission video the Elder 'Atuake told you about is just a video the AP´s did about Elder Perez and I. I will forward it to you.   It´s embarrassing and not that cool that´s why i didn´t mention it,  haha.

   It´s great to see that the baby Porter is doing good. Wow Mike, what a video- and what a tradition, the drinking of the first urine hahaha very nice!   He looks super cute and chubby. Are you feeling good Britt? And is your stomach still big? Giving birth is weird. 

    Well as normal for this change i´m loving it and i´m doing great, so no worries! Take care and i love you!

Elder Pfister

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