Friday, February 15, 2013

Que Onda

Q´ Onda
    So this was a pretty good week for us. We had one baptism and we´re hoping for four this weekend. There aren´t alot of new things to tell you about because right now we´re trying to help our near fechas arrive at the finish line to be baptized so we have been working with them alot, and not so much looking for new people, but this week and next week we´re going to hit it hard looking for new people to teach. We are also working hard getting people married which is a pain but it´s worth it because once we get them married, we have some couples that will be baptized. This upcoming week should be interesting because it´s carnivales (Carnival) so i´m not even sure if they´ll let us work because Colon is a crazy area normally and who knows how it´ll be during carnivales when everyone is drunk and partying haha. 

    We baptized E___ on Saturday and it went great. The branch here is also gaining in strength and we think our work is helping.  When i got here the asistencia (attendance) was around 50 people every week and now we´re getting 70 to 80 people every week with lots of menos activos coming back to church - and with our investigators. One thing that helped is that the members have noticed that we are working so they have more confidence in us to give us references and they are more inspired to work and do their calling so everything is getting better here. 

    One interesting experience that we saw yesterday with the carnivales... These men dressed in devil outfits were dancing up and down the street with some people playing music for them and then this really large lady that was drunk started dancing with them and one of the devils pulled out a whip and whipped her and she went running away fast but then 5 minutes later she came back and they did it again. Apparently it´s a game they play during carnivales, the people dress like devils and dance in the street and people get in between them and dance too, but the catch is that when someone gets between the devils, they start to whip them with a real whip, it looks like it hurts too. It was super funny to be honest, that and the other crazy things they do during this time. I´m kinda nervous that while we´re working this week they are going soak us or whip us or something haha, should be interesting. I really wish i could get some video of the craziness, but i don´t usually carry my camera because it isn't safe to do so, haha. 
    We finally finished getting one couple married, well almost. This Friday is the wedding date and this Saturday is their baptism. It´s a Kuna couple that we are marrying and then the wife is going to get baptized,  as her husband is already a member. We are also helping 3 other couples to get married, but we´re just starting the marriage process for them, so hopefully we´ll be finishing in 2 weeks and then we´ll have 3 sure baptisms and maybe 2 more if things go well. Also this weekend we´re hoping that the D________s will get baptized but i´m not sure if it´ll happen... pray for them!  We are going to take them all to the temple to teach about eternal families, and we think that´ll be the key to baptizing them, but we have to do it this week because the temple is going to close for a few weeks after this week so we´re kinda rushed. 

     I haven´t gotten any packages yet, but Atuake is closer to Panama city than me so it´s easier for him to get them so no worries. I´ll let you know if he needs anything else and i was also thinking about just gifting my comps shoes to him. I´m going to send you some stuff before the end of this change, like some Christmas presents and my camera cards haha just so ya know, soon you´ll get some stuff in the mail. 
    I´m glad to hear that baby Porter is doing good and that he is pretty well behaved because there are alot of really misbehaving kids here who sometimes drive me crazy and i´m glad my sobrino isn´t like that, haha.
   Question... Have they announced who the new mission presidents are and do you know who will be Panama´s next president?

   Well that´s what´s going on here with me, remind me to describe how my baptism felt on Saturday i just remembered but i´m out of time....So i'll tell you next week.  Glad to hear everything´s going good for you guys, take care and enjoy life! Love you!
Elder Pfister

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