Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hola family,
   How´s life in the cold states going? We finally got some rain here in Colon and it felt amazing! This week was an interesting one but kinda a slow one. We´ve been focusing alot on the D______s so they would be baptized but they still say no... They go to seminary and institute and all the activities and church every week, so i´m not sure what´s up but we´ll keep pressing on. I´m still convinced that they will be baptized in time, just not yet. We also went on a huge menos activo hunt because the branch leaders gave us a list of possible less actives that could come back and we got some good results. 
    One cool experience that happened while we were looking for menos activos. The direccion (address) of the house was like this: A pink house on the main street of Puerto Escondido, which is a terrible direccion but that´s how they come here in Panama. So we were contacting all the pink houses looking for this Kuna family and we would pass a few houses because we could tell that there weren't Kunas living there. Well, we passed this one house because we knew it wasn´t them but then as we were walking my comp said, nah let´s go back and contact that house. We went back and contacted them and it was normal, they asked what we needed, we visited with them and asked them if they knew the Kuna family.  They didn't, so we were just about to leave when the hermana said, I´m Mormon too. We turned around and we were like, what? Really?? That´s cool and then we starting talking to her and getting to know her and there are 8 members living there who are menos activos so it was a great find and they seem really positive and ready to come back to church. 
   Also in our menos activo mission we found this other Kuna guy who is just coming back to church and he came this Sunday, but while he´s been inactive he´s been teaching this family of three the gospel and according to him they are really interested and probably are going to be baptized. We haven´t met them yet but if it´s really as he described they should be a solid family to teach. We have an appointment this week to go find them with him.
   Like i said it was a kinda slow week, but this week we have big plans to put lots of fechas with some investigators, and really work hard so that we can pull these baptisms through before the end of the month. I know that this is  the work of the Lord and there will always be difficult weeks, but those times are for us to learn from and improve, and my feeling is that they always help me in some way. Love you guys!
Elder Pfister

P.S. I love the photos of Porter from everyone!

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