Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No me gusta semana santa como misionero!

Que Onda,
     Well, this wasn´t the best week, mostly because it was semana santa here in latin land and that means vacations, parties and beer... which means no one has any time for the word of God or church, haha. But we did have one baptism and have some positive things coming up. 
    So changes are this Wednesday.... but.... i don´t have changes.... and my comp doesn´t either so we´re staying the same here, which is what we wanted. I wanted to either go to San Blas Islands or stay with Elder Collier because now i don´t have to reteach the area and we´ll be able to keep going at full pace. 
    We didn´t have anyone come to church because of the parties and stuff but we did have a baptism after church. It was a really stressful baptism because we had trouble getting a dress for the 13 yr old girl, but we improvised at the last minute, so everything turned out perfectly. This girl is named Anyel and is the adopted daughter of this member in the ward. She has like one month living with him. 
     So the D_________s didn´t go to the temple visitor center as we had hoped, because they planned a vacation over our temple trip...... super depressing but oh well.  We'll try again...
     N____a says she's having her baby on the 5th so we´re still waiting. S____i will hopefully be married at the end of the week and baptized on Saturday. The B____e family had family over all weekend, so we couldn´t teach them and they didn´t come to church. The shy girl and the kunas were also on vacation somewhere, so like i said kinda rough week in terms of getting much done with teaching.
     To answer your question- yeah i´ve been District Leader (DL) for a while now, that´s why i got invited into the meeting with Elder Duncan; guess i forgot to tell ya but now you know!
     The slang-as you guessed- Yaa pa´ q´ means pretty much ¨yeah what´s the point¨ and 'Be nuegambe' is kuna meaning 'how are you'?  The reason that you would never have figured that last one out is that it´s not really even a language, it´s just a dialect. 
     Well, this is a shorter letter, because nothing really happened that was too exciting this week, but i´m sure I'll have some good stuff coming this next week, so don´t worry. Everything is still good here, I love my comp and my area and my branch so it´s cool. I know that "the church is true, the book is blue, Moroni is always on the ball in 138 locations worldwide." Love you guys!
Elder Pfister

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