Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mas o menos!

Buenas familia,
   Well this semana was kinda a bummer, we didn't make a lot of progress with some investigators but we did have a really nice baptism. S_____i the lady who we´ve been trying to get married finally got married last Monday and on Saturday she was baptized after two years of waiting. 
   So the girl S__i who´s mom told us not teach her, well, she´s way bummed too that we can't teach her, so we've thought about secretly teaching her.... maybe that's a bad idea but it was her idea, ha ha. I doubt she´ll be able to come to church or anything, but she has questions about the Church so we can at least help her out and then in 3 years she can make her own choice about getting baptized.
Yulma´s husband did his medical exams and she was going to do it today, so hopefully she did so that they can get married and baptized in the next week or so. I´ve become a pro at marrying people here in Colon. We also found this other lady that we need to get married because she already has a testimony of the Gospel, but her husband doesn´t want to get married because he says that she´s only getting married to get baptized and not for him, which is kinda right.  I think that reason to get married is ok because like it says in the Bible in Luke 8:37-39 you have to love God more than anything or anyone including your kids and wife, and when you do this you find your real life. 
    S_____i´s baptism this past week was sweet because of all the support she received from the branch members. We had a group night there in her house the night before her baptism and pretty much the whole branch showed up to congratulate her on her marriage and support her with the baptism. We had a nice lesson and then lots of food and they just stayed and talked.  It was really good because her husband who is not a member was there, and he was able to make some friends and feel the Spirit, he really enjoyed it I think. Then the same thing happened at her baptism,  we had good asistencia and they brought cake and all that. We weren´t able to confirm her because it was stake conference this last Sunday so we´ll do it next week. Speaking of baptisms, Nino (or Chantier) the guy I baptized in February got the Melchizedek Priesthood and got called to be the secretary of the ward a while ago and is trying to get a mission into his plans so he´s coming along really well. 
    E______l is still coming to church but he works so much we haven´t been able to get a lesson in. I think when we do teach him we´ll invite him to get baptized and he´ll accept. He´s come to alot of church activities and liked it all. 
    Haha that´s funny that Bishop Anderson used my dog attack story in his talk at ward conference.  So about missionaries emailing people other than family - I didn´t hear about being able to email friends and priesthood leaders, what´s that all about? We went to the temple yesterday by the way, that´s why i´m writing today.
    Other than that, we´ve just been contacting and looking for new people with not much luck, kinda a boring week as news goes, but we gotta just press on with faith that sooner or later the Lord will put someone in our path. And don´t worry, no incidents this week with dogs,  ha ha. I´ll just close by saying I know that this is the Lord´s work and whatever happens in life it´s for our benefit to either learn from or to prepare us for what´s coming up, so i have no doubt that the Lord is in control of it all. Take care everyone!
Elder Pfister

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