Monday, April 29, 2013

Esta sweeeet acá!

Q paso
     Things here got alot better this week for us. We didn´t have a ton of people in church this week, but we have some new positive people and fechas so we should be baptizing some people these next few weeks. The changes for the mission are going to be the week after Mother´s day so i still have a little time left to work here. I really don´t want to leave Colon, but the more time that i´m here the harder it is going to be to leave so it´s probably better that they change me soon. It´d be awesome to go to San Blas but i doubt it, i feel like it´s too late in my mission now, unless i die in San Blas, o sea, end my mission there. 
      So the best news is that we put a fecha con E_______l after teaching him yesterday. The fechas is por the 11th of mayo, but he could be baptized today. He´s been to church like 5 times.  Anyway he´s cool it´s great because we´re baptizing more priesthood which is what this branch needs badly. If we could baptize more priesthood and the branch paid their tithing we would be a ward.

      As for the D________s, we had a great lesson with them on Saturday and the spirit was strong and we brought up the tema of baptism and they avoided it. They say that they want to be baptized but that right now no. The mom isn´t sure when, the daughter wants to be baptized now and the aunt, someday. The problem that we recently found out is that they all want the dad to baptize them but he´s got WOW problems so now we gotta work through the hermanas to fix his life so that he can save theirs through baptism. I have hope that they will eventually be baptized, probably not in my time here and maybe not here in Panama, but they say that the church is stronger in the dominican republic and they said they are going to explore the church there so hopefully they get baptized there when they go back. They are an awesome family and they invited me to go hang out in their house in the DR so i´ll keep in touch with them and make sure they get baptized eventually, haha

      Y____a and her husband did their examenes so they are close to getting married, we are hoping that they get married this Friday and we have the baptisms unofficially planned for this Sunday so finally we´ll get that done too. She is really animated to get baptized so it´ll be great. 
     We found another hermana named M______e who has also been investigating the church for the last year or so and has already read the Book of Mormon twice and she really wants to be baptized but..... she is living with this guy who doesn´t want anything to do with the church and doesn´t want to get married either so she has to choose, leave him and get baptized or not. They have 13 years living together so i don´t understand why he doesn´t want to get married, it´s not really going to change that much just make their living together official with paperwork. Anyway we´re starting in on that process. 
     Also we found this old investigator named, J_____n, who is the companion of this lady who is a member but long story short... Juan wants to be baptized too but he´s married to another lady-  they are separated not divorced, so first we have to divorce the man, then marry them, then baptize him.... Long process especially here in Panama, like 3 or more months to divorce plus a few weeks to marry, but someone has to have the big picture in mind and start the process, so we will. 

    Hey so my compa gave me this idea to share pictures, as he uses SkyDrive from Microsoft to share photos and so i´m gonna try it out. You can put pictures up on your end and i´m going to put pictures up on my end and you can take them off and save them over there to have them. Let´s give it a try. 

     I don´t even know half the people that you say you meet on facebook but then again everyone puts weird names up so maybe i do know them i just don´t recognize their user name. Like this Etienne Lima i have no idea who that is, did she say where or how she met me?

    Hey thanks for the quote from Elder Holland, it´s a sweet one. That pretty much wraps up this week for me. We have lots of good hope for this week with the new investigators we have, the more we have the more likely that one turns out to be that golden investigator. I know that this is the Lord´s Church and His work because of all the great lessons we´ve been having, for example in the lesson with the Dominicans the spirit was so strong and i know that they felt it too, the spirit is the real teacher, it touches hearts. I love you guys! Soon we´ll be skyping again!
Elder Pfister

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