Monday, May 6, 2013

Bueno pero feo!!

Hola chicos,

     This week was a solid week as the work goes, but yet again Sunday was a disappointment (few investigators)... but oh well we have some good things setting up with the work we did this week. We went out on splits with lots of members to the lessons and in route they showed us where alot of less active members live, and we´ve been visiting them to try to reactivate them -  and plus less actives seem to always have a kid or husband or someone that is a member that we can teach, and they usually are more positive because they have family that are members. 

     On a positive note we´re going to have two more baptisms this Saturday. Y_____a is finally getting married this week sometime, we find out the fecha today, and E_____l is also getting baptized. I´ve really enjoyed teaching Ez_____l because he´s really excited about getting baptized. Alot of the time with our investigators we have to kinda fight to get citas (appointments) and push them along, but with him he is always asking when we are going to teach him again and he always says, "We´re still on for Saturday right?", instead of us always having to say, "you still planning on getting baptized right", haha. It´s really great to teach someone so excited to be baptized. 

     Anyway so i just decided i´ll write a shorter letter today, and just catch you up on Skype call on Mother's Day. Can you guys do it at 4:30 my time on Sunday? i hope so haha i´ll probably call you sometime this week to confirm. 

    Well, that wraps things up then... I know that this is the work of the Lord and that it´s progressing quickly. I´m loving the mission, and i´m kinda sad that my time here seems to be going so fast.  Also this is probably my last week here in Colon; i think changes will be the 15th of  May. Love you - take care!
Elder Pfister

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