Sunday, May 26, 2013

No confíe en cualquier perro!!!!!

Q onda,
    So you guys already know (from Hermana Jaramillo via FB) that i´m in Arraijan now as DL. My comp is Nolan Villanueva from Peru. He has a good desires to work hard which is nice. He has 4 months in the mission. The ward is great, it´s really big, like 160 people every week. There are 6 missionaries in the word here, 2 elderes and 1 hermanas but i really like it so far. We have some good investigators that we have found, can´t really give details because i have so many new names and things going through my head that i can´t keep everything straight, but this Saturday we´re going to have a baptism. In this area there are alot of Kunas so i´m starting to learn more Kuna, super confusing dialect, but it´s kinda fun. This Sunday we were able to have 4 investigators in the meeting and the key has been because of the ward missionary leader in our area and he knows everyone in his neighborhood so he just takes us around to everyone to teach and we get in easy. I have lots of hopes for this change. 

     So i know you guys don´t like when i talk about the bad things that have happened to me but i had an experience that i just can´t keep from telling.... So on Tuesday night i was getting ready to leave Margarita and i was saying goodbye to all the members. We got to this one member place and their house has a little patio in front with a little cement wall like 2 feet tall and a dog that chills there protecting the house... you guessed it, another dog story. So this dog is a mean dog to people it doesn´t know and other dogs, but to missionaries, because we all dress the same, he likes us and especially me because i give him lots of attention and always played with him from day one. Anyway, we´re good buds and everything so when i got to the house he  jumped up on the cement wall with his front paws to great me and i started petting him and all good. So there we were waiting with the dog for the family to answer the door when all of the sudden another dog appeared from behind me and this dog that is my friend the dog went crazy and in the mad scramble, my friend the dog bit me hardcore.... [Long story short:  bad deep and bloody dog bite; visit to Doctor, treatment, and antibiotics for awhile].   But really, don´t freak out, i´m fine! I talked with President and Hermana Ward and the nurse and the mission doctor and it´s all good. Just an interesting way of ending my time in Margarita, Colon. 

    Back to spiritual things, We have this guy here in Arraijan that we found and are teaching named Mito who is an old pastor i guess. We taught him the first time, normal. But when we went back the second time we asked him if he had read and prayed and he said no that he hadn´t read anything but that he had prayed and he said that when he prayed he felt something super special that he had never felt before and even though he has been baptized in his church he felt that this church is the true church and that it´s where he needs to be. And even better he went to church on Sunday! We´re probably going to put a fecha with him this week. 
     We have some other good people but like i said, everything is a blur for me with so many new names and faces. And of course, more people who want to get baptized but need to get married... i feel like cupid marrying so many people here in Panama. 

     This week has a been a good one, getting adjusted to the new atmosphere and new people. Arraijan is a lot more chill than Colon. People say it´s getting a little dangerous but i feel way safer in the dangerous parts here than i did in the safe parts of Colon. I think i´m really going to like it here, just gotta make it work with my comp, but it´s a testimony builder that two people so different can unite for one cause and work in unity for one purpose. I know that this is the work of the Lord because i have seen so many lives blessed from it and i hope to bless lots of lives here in Arraijan with the good news of the Gospel. I hope you guys have a great week, don´t freak out about my story and take care! I love you!
Elder Pfister

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