Monday, May 13, 2013

No tengo mucho hoy!!

   Well there´s not that much to say after our Skype session, the only new news i have is that i have been told that I will be moved this week with the changes for sure. I feel very good about my work in Margarita -Colon. When i got sent here, everyone told me it was a dead area but i think we´ve revived it alot. Now, I´m ready to move on to a new area with new people and things to do and see. I always get nervous for changes, mostly with nerves about my new companion because it´s the part that affects me and the work the most until the next change. Anyway, in my next letter i´ll let ya know what´s up. By the way i got an email from Mckay Lefler, so we´re now in communication. 
    Yulma didn´t get baptized this weekend but she´ll be baptized the 25th, the day after she gets married.  I'm happy for her and sorry I will miss it.
    Well, i´ll have a better letter next week... if they don´t send me to San Blas,  haha. Take care!
Elder Pfister
A few notes from the Skype call:
-Panama has had rolling blackouts from a severe drought that has degraded their hydoelectric power capabilities.  The rainy season has finally started there so maybe the blackouts will stop soon.  The government mandated that A.C. be turned off in many offices.  Most LDS churches in Panama don't have A.C., but the Stake Centers do have A.C.
-Elder Pfister and Elder Collier estimate that they walk about 10 miles each day as bus service is spotty and they have a big area to cover.
-The Church recently reduced the amount of money per missionary from $240 to $220/month, and stopped paying their "lunch" ladies in the Panama mission, who had gotten some money each month for serving the missionaries a lunch 5 days a week.
-The Panama mission is opening a number of new areas, with a large influx of sister missionaries.  

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