Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hola Familia

   Well, i always seem to confuse you guys about changes haha, we have changes this Wednesday so i still don´t know who´s going or where to, but i´ll be sure to let you guys know when i find out. My rash is kinda going away, my whole body still itches terribly, you guys know any American solutions for itchiness? The Panamanian solutions aren´t workin for me, ha ha. Other ailments that i´ve had have mostly just been other skin infections, rashes, allergies and weird stuff, but nothing super serious just a big pain to live with.
 I might have to make this letter a little shorter because we got home late and the internet place is about to close.
    So that lady who contacted us in the bus terminal, we went to her house and found that there are 14 people that live there and almost all of them listened to us - so wow that´s a huge family. She seems really positive and she really likes us even though we hardly know her, as she made us food and we would ask if there was something that we could do to help her and she would just say that she didn´t want us to leave, haha. 
   We did an activity this Saturday which we called a rescue here in the branch. We had all the missionaries from the zone and all the members that were willing come to the church early and we took the list of members and we organized all the less or non-actives into areas where they lived and we sent one member with a missionary out to find them. We went to find out if they still lived there, who lives with them and if they have family and if they have died or moved so that we can clean up the list of members and we can know who are the members that we should focus on to help reactivate. It was a really great success! It was organized by this Senior Missionary who has served 6 missions. He said that we are going to showing up in the Liahona with our story of this rescue activity, because he wants us to be an example for all of Latin America that is struggling with inactivity. I went out with this member who has a car, so i got a sweet deal and it amazing how much we got done because of how fast we could get from place to place compared to using buses. Also using this method of finding less active members we also potentially find lots people who may be baptized because we can complete families that are part member and that strengthens the family.
    One funny thing that i forgot to tell you... when we were first looking for Elisa, the neighbor of the second counselor, we went down this little dirt road and when we passed this house i got attacked by this big ol´ dog, and i had to keep kicking it in the face so i wouldn´t eat me till my comp threw a rock at it. Anyway the next day we had the counselor show us where the girl lived and he took us right to that house where the dog came from, and they had seen their dog attack us but they don´t really like us, the parents don´t, so they didn´t do anything, haha. Well, since we´ve been going there a lot, i´ve been attacked by so many dogs lately, that i´ve gotten real good at kicking dogs in face so they don´t eat me for a snack. And it´s always me that they attack because my comp is super afraid of dogs, so he always uses me as a shield between him and the dogs. Dogs are a super pain here but i´ve lost my fear of dog attacks now, haha.
     Hey good news, your letter with the camera card finally arrived!  Incredible after all this time.

    Well, it sounds like things are all good at home; i´m jealous about the Belize trip that Mom and Dad going to take! We've gone to some super nice beaches here with supposedly really good scuba diving, and man i really miss that now that i´m so close to it but can´t do it. Also it was great to hear that Britt is doing good, GOOD LUCK Britt i´m constantly praying for ya and the baby because i´m pumped to be an uncle! Haha I love you guys and i´m grateful for everything you do!
Elder Pfister

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