Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saludos desde Panamá

Hey Hey Hey,
    Well this week was a better week for us in most ways. That rash i told you about is going away slowly but surely. I didn´t go to the doctor because i´ve actually kinda lost faith in the doctors in my little town here because i´ve actually been to the doctors 3 times here for other random things that i have gotten, but i just never told you because i didn´t want to scare you, so i do feel like i´m getting the 10 plagues or experiencing what Job went through in the Bible. I´m not actually taking any medication, now i´m just fighting everything with my willpower, because everything i´ve been given so far, hasn´t worked or made my condition worse, and now that i´m taking nothing it´s getting better haha, easier, cheaper and more effective!
     So a cool story, our first week here in Penonomé we contacted this lady and she let us in to teach her, and we asked if we could talk with her whole family - because the Gospel is for families - but she said her husband was working. Anyway, we taught her and gave her a Book of  Mormon during the lesson, but at the end she didn´t seem very positive, and when we went back the next week she wasn´t there. Well, that was like 8 weeks ago and on Wednesday, we were sitting in the bus station waiting for our bus when this random lady came up to us and was like, "hey i´ve been waiting for you guys to come back to my house." And we had no idea who this lady was, but then she told us about how she´s been reading the Book of Mormon every night, and how she loves it because it is so much clearer and easy to understand than the Bible, and has great teachings in it.  She is teaching the BOM  to her husband because we told her how the gospel is for families. That´s when it clicked and we remember her from the first week here. She said how she has been waiting for us because she wants to learn more about this book she likes so much. We are going to go visit her this Tuesday, and i´m kinda bummed that it took her 8 weeks for us to find each other again, because it´s almost changes (cambios) again and i might not be able to see how she progresses.  But it´s still awesome that she´s been reading the Book of Mormon on her own and she´s understanding it so well.  That just testifies that if one will take the chance and just give the Book of Mormon a chance and read it, it will show and testify to the person of the truth through it´s teachings and the feelings that one gets while reading.
     We had a branch activity this Saturday which was a blast! We did the mini Olympics where we played soccer, basketball, volleyball and a race against different groups, and some groups of non members that showed up. It was super fun and got a lot of non-member youth there to make friends with member kids. Plus there was free music and food so lots of random people showed up just to watch and converse, so overall it was a big success and a super fun day to participate in. And i wore my Real Salt Lake soccer jersey just because i found out that RSL beat Panama (Tauro FC) twice :)
    As for the girl, Elise, that we´re teaching, we taught her again and she told us that since the second time she attended church, when she went to this Church conference with us, she has wanted to be baptized. That was even before we had taught her. But that her parents won´t let her be baptized for some reason.... So now we are going to try to talk to the parents which should be interesting... Apparently the family has a lot of problems right now, for example the parents are married but the dad has 2 other ladies that he goes to live with during the week and the whole family knows and i guess the mom is ok with that since they´re still together. So it could be difficult getting this girl baptized in her situation.
     Question, i think one of my camera cards has a virus in it because the photos show up on my camera, but they won´t show up on the computer and someone said that means it has a virus. Advice, should i send it to you guys to try to fix it and try to fix it myself?  Also tell Brett Reynolds that i sent him a separate letter, but i think that if he still hasn´t received it, it probably got lost so i´ll just write him another.
     Well, like they always say your mission will test you and it´s true, these last few weeks have been tough, but now i´m starting to see the blessings of the work with some random investigators showing up and things starting to click. It reminds me of when i was in Juan Diaz, the first few weeks were so difficult because we had no success at all but after a time of working, we felt the blessings come. Well, that´s starting to happen here. I hope that i get to stay here one more change but who knows, both my companion and I have the same amount of time here so it could be either one of us getting moved.
    I really enjoyed the quote you sent by Elder Holland because it´s really true, God is always waiting to bless us - we just need to ask  him for the blessings. I know that God answers our prayers because my prayers have been answered in ways that are undeniable. I love you guys!
Elder Pfister

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