Monday, September 3, 2012

Hola desde Penonomé, Panamá

September 3, 2012

Hola Fam,
    Glad to hear that things are going good at home, i guess i should say on the Oregon beach haha. Sounds like that was quite the trip for you guys, nice and relaxing with some good hikes, whales and hanging out with Mike and Brit.  Also Happy birthday and anniversary to you both, Mom and Dad! 35 years... That´s a long time, appears that you guys choose well when it came to choosing your eternal partner, haha.
    Anyway down here in Panama things are going pretty good as well. It´s funny how Logan and parts of the U.S. are lacking rain because all week it´s been raining like no other here. Tons of rivers have flooded over and flooded houses and towns, but that´s kinda normal here during the rainy season, everything is always wet and flooded.
   As for the missionary work we had a kinda slow week, it´s weird how  we can have such a good week one week then the next week, things don't go as well.  But oh well we still had some good things happen. Remember that 15 year old girl that I mentioned was interested in the Book of Mormon a while ago? Well we finally met with her again and she told us how she loved the chapter that we had her read, and that the first time we taught her about the Book of Mormon, she said she felt something super powerful, and that she didn´t know what it was or what it meant, but she knew it could only be from God. So we showed her a scripture talking about the fruits of the Spirit and asked if that´s what she felt the first time, and when she was reading, and she said it´s exactly what she felt. Then we asked her what she thought it meant, and she told us that didn´t think, but that she knew that this book was true and comes from God and that what it contains in it is what God wants us to do and what is necessary in order to return to Him one day. It all worked out perfectly because the mother of this girl was also there, and we had taught her before, and the week before in our lesson we gave her a different chapter to read that talks about the atonement of Christ and our purpose here on the earth. What the mom got out of it is that Christ did everything He did so that we could return to live with our Heavenly Father again one day, and that we can become clean of all our sins and that we are here on the earth to prepare to meet God again, and the way we prepare is by repenting and being baptized. And then the chapter that the girl read talks about the way in which Christ has taught us and how we should be baptized. The Spirit was super strong and we invited them to be baptized and they both accepted a baptismal date for the end of the month. The only problem is that they live in an area where there are no buses on Sundays and taxis are expensive, so it´s gonna be a sacrifice for them to come to church, but i´m hoping we can animate them enough to do it, plus there´s a member that lives close to them that hopefully we can get to help them out.
   Also our mission plan in the ward in starting to come into motion and we are receiving a bunch of less-active or part member references now, the only problem is addresses.  No where in Panama are there street addresses so it´s super hard to find someone from a description of where they live, but we have some members who this week are going to go out with us to search them out so we can go back and teach them. This ward is really rewarding when it comes to reactivation because normally it´s difficult to reactive someone and have them keep going to Church without a missionary visiting them every week, but here the ward has become really loving and welcoming and everyone that comes back for a week or two has said how they feel really welcomed when they come and once they come the ward gives them home teachers to go visit them. We have actually seen some good growth lately, When i got here they said they were averaging around 75 or 80 in the sacrament meeting and now we have around 100 to 105 people most weeks.
    Well i haven´t heard anything about my camera card so i think it got lost along with everything else (CD package)... super bummer. One thing you can send with my Frisbee: i would kinda like my black nike socks that i left, there should be like 5 pairs in my closet, that is if no one has stolen them yet haha. Other than that i think i´m doing good here, I have 2 camera cards right now so as long as another one doesn´t get lost i think i should be good. Well i think that covers everything that has happened here in my life, well the interesting things at least. I love you guys and i pray for you always. 
Elder Pfister

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