Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter from Elder Devin Pfister August 27, 2012

Que Xopa!
    Well this week was a little more chill than the last one, we had changes in the mission but no one in our house got changed so not much is different for me and my companion. My companion and I have committed to work alot harder, because in this area it´s easy to accidentally waste time for example on buses or with dinners with members or doing other things, so we´ve figured out some ways to use our time more effectively. Also the branch had a big meeting with us so that they can help the missionary work and if everything works out they´ll be giving us 4 new families to teach as references;  except the members can´t just give names to us, first they have to invite people to dinner without us there and make friends, and then later when they feel that they are ready, then the members will invite us to teach their friends. They came up with that whole system, it wasn´t us so i think they´ll actually go through with it which would be awesome, four families a month as references would be amazing. Whenever the ward gets really involved with the work, there is alot more success so i´m excited that they are excited to help us.
    As for the lady we taught who has had many spiritual experiences, we went over there but the family was all sick so we put a different appointment with them for this week. Sadly Moises didn´t come to church either and we haven´t been able to contact him so i hope nothing has happened with him, he was by far our most positive investigator and is pretty much ready to be baptized. This week has been weird because we haven´t really taught as much as normal, we have been finding references and less active members, so that has set us up for a busy week next week.
    Your vacation to the beach house in Yachats, Oregon sounds really really nice... Sitting in a hot tub every night watching the ocean, oh man that sounds like a dream come true. I really just want to sit down and get a nice hot tub massage right now haha.
    There isn´t really much talk about Romney or the presidential race around here, or at least that i hear about. There are elections for something going on here in Panama, so that is taking over the political world here. Why does the press care how much tithing Romney pays? Has the church said anything about all the publicity it´s getting or about Romney maybe being president?
     Well i hope i eventually get that letter you sent, i would be super bummed to have it arrive all the way here to Panama just to be lost getting from the mission office to me. Well this p-day we again tried to find that sweet cave we´ve heard so much about but yet again... no luck. But i´ll be honest it did drain me alot so that´s why this letter is a little shorter than normal, i´m super tired and can´t really think right now, but next week i´ll try to make it up to you. Life is going good here for me so don´t worry about me... Oh, wait you´re not, you guys are living it up on the beach haha! I love you guys and thanks for everything!
Elder Pfister
Siempre Fuerte

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