Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister August 14, 2012

Buenos Días!
    Sorry that this letter is a day late, as every p-day we have to travel 2 hours each way to get to our meeting and sometimes we don´t have time to use the internet when we get back so that´s why i´m writing to you today.
    This week we´re hoping to have 2 baptisms on Saturday for Ikiaka and Enoc. They are excited to go to church and participate with their families.  We´re baptizing two people, but at the same time we´re reactivating two families in the process so it´s awesome to see them coming to church again. This branch has many inactive members in it and it´s one of the bigger focuses here because as people see their neighbors coming to church who were inactive, it encourages them to come and it´s kinda a domino effect so hopefully we can keep the dominoes falling.
    We had planned to baptize Katuska this Saturday too but she hasn´t been able to come to church for a variety of reasons, but she is still progressing in the lessons and she reads and does the things we leave for her, so i believe if we just keeping nudging here along she´ll get to church eventually. The only problem is that she is going off to the Police Academy the first of September and she´ll be gone there for a month and during this time she won´t be able to come to church, and we won´t be able to visit her, so i´m kinda nervous about what will happen and what we should do there.
     Moises came to church and group night with us so right now he´s very active and he asked us if we would come teach him some more on Friday. Earlier he had told us that he would call us to set up an appointment - which usually means that the person isn't sure if they want us to come over and usually they forget or they decide they don´t want us so they never call, and i was worried that would happen with him, but nope he´s showed up to everything and now we got our appointment so Ï´m thinking we´ll probably put a baptismal date with him soon. He´s super positive and already has a bunch of friends in the church. The most convincing part is that every time we see him at an activity he tells us how he´s been reading and praying and everything and that he feels like that Lord is telling him he should come to Church.
    We got this reference for this family that this ward member had talked to a little about the church, and the other day we went and taught them. The lesson went pretty well, nothing extra special but i think they´ll let us teach them again, but then after the lesson most the family left to go visit someone, and only the daughter was left - and she started talking to us about how she has had many super spiritual experiences in her life and that most lately she had been asking God questions about life, like why is she here and if she has a purpose for living, and she said God answered her and said that he would be sending messengers to her to explain to her what her purpose is and that she should listen and follow them. Well, it just so happens that the lesson we taught them, before knowing any of that, was about our purpose here in life and what God wants of us here in this life. The interesting thing is that during the lesson she was super quiet, and didn´t really talk at all but apparently she was thinking and praying the whole time because she realized that we were the messengers that He said He would send to her in answer to her prayers. I hope things work out because that would be awesome! We´ll see when we visit them again this week.
So that´s pretty much what happened on a missionary basis this week; some random things that happened other than missionary things were that we went to the beach for p-day and we were climbing along some rocks and we discovered that we were surrounded by big ol´ crabs and lots of them and so we decided to hunt our own dinner that day. We caught like 7 crabs and made this crab dinner, which i thought was actually pretty nasty, but it was a fun experience overall. Then the other day my comp found this rat in the house that was like a foot long plus another foot long with the tail, it was huge and it was super funny to watch my comp and this other elder freak out when it got close to them. Right now i have no idea where the rat is because it snuck out but who knows, maybe it´ll become our next p-day dinner,  haha. Rats like that are actually pretty popular to eat here, so i´m told.
So for the problem of being eatin by bugs at night i´ve done a few things: we bought this mosquito killer thing that you burn while you´re out of the house and it supposedly kills them. Also i make sure to keep the house really clean with no sitting water inside so they can´t make a home there. Sometimes when it´s bad i just spray myself with bug spray before i go to bed. I´ve also learned bugs don´t like the fan so i keep the fan hitting me on high all night long and that kinda helps, also i sleep with my entire body covered by my sheets... but to be honest, after all that i still wake up every morning with new bites, so i´ve just learned to get used to it. But i think the combination of fumigating the house, putting on bug spray, and then sleeping with the fan blowing on me all night while all the way under the covers is a pretty good defense. 
And for your other questions, the candy bars you sent actually made it to me in good shape and not too melted and they were delicious to eat. The rice here is really bland, and we eat it every meal so every candy bar is so good because they are the only things i eat that actually have flavor to them, haha.
Well i think that wraps up my week... This week is the last full week before changes (transfers), but i don´t really think either of us will get changed. I´m hoping i don´t get changed because I like this area and the work is picking up and i´m just starting to get everything rolling with the work and I like the people here.
Studying this week i found this scripture i love in Mosiah 2:41 that says:
And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and ahappy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are bblessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out cfaithful to the end they are received into dheaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it.
-or in other words if you want to be happy, obey the commandments, it´s that easy! Haha.
I know that this is the work of the Lord and i know this scripture is true because as i watch people that we teach change and start living the commandments, i see more blessings and happiness in their lives.
I love you guys!
Elder Pfister

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