Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hola Fam,
    This week flew by super fast for me! This Sunday as a branch we had a district conference in Chitré instead of the normal sunday meetings and an Elder from the Seventy (Area Church Leader) came and talked to us, i forgot his name but he gave a really good talk! And it was cool to watch the branch come together to get there because most of the people can´t really afford to go there by bus, but somehow everyone pitched in what they could, and thought of ways to earn the extra money, and we had a ton of people get there, including one of our investigators! This investigator came to one of our group nights (well actually her neighbor is the second counselor and he brought her to it) and we talked to her and asked if we could come visit some day and she was kinda hesitant and said she would call if she got the time, and well, she never called. But somehow she made it to this conference and she really liked it i guess because after it was over, she came looking for us and told us how she wants us to come over on Friday, plus it appeared that she had made a few good friends in the ward already so that was exciting, hopefully she stays interested.
   As for Moises, he couldn´t come to the conference and that´s when we were going to set up another appointment with him, so we´ve got to call him tonight to get things going with him again. Hopefully he hasn´t gone cold with the church since he´s now missed two Sundays... We also weren´t able to visit our 2 fechas (teenage and her mom) either because the girl had tests this week and has been studying and busy, but this week is vacations i guess so there are no excuses for them. As a zone we are going to be fasting part of this week, and we are going out to different areas to help people out where they are struggling, so as a zone we are trying to improve things as well.
    This week for p-day was sweet, as we went to this waterfall out in the jungle and it was super ¨prity¨ there are like 3 different levels of falls, and we were able to climb around and take some cool pictures. It would be really awesome to be able to swim there, which you can do, there are some nice pool-like places, just as missionaries we can´t. I'll send some pictures to you guys.
     Man, i wish i could´ve been  at that USU game to watch them beat the Utes, now i´m trying to think of missionaries that went to the University of Utah so that i can brag about the Utah State victory, haha. Now they just have to beat BYU, if they play them this year, that is.
    I liked your story of the special ward meeting.  It´s weird to think of our ward at home needing to improve because before i never paid any attention to anything like that there, and now that i´m here, our ward in Logan looks like the perfect ward from what i remember. How many people attend your sacrament meeting normally? Just curious...
    As for the picture book for me (like the one you made for Elder 'Atuake), i think i would rather just have one of my entire mission at the end, but i´m sure Atuake will love his.
    Well i think that´s all i got for ya this week, hopefully next week there will be a jump in excitement and things to talk about. But i know that the church is true because no matter what happens during the week, we can still see the little miracles happening all around us if we look for them. I love you guys!
Elder Pfister

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