Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hola Familia

    Well this week was a really good week for teaching... until Sunday came around. So when we went to teach the neighbor of the second counselor, we found the whole family there. We began to teach them and we found out that none of them really have a religion, and they were all liking our message and accepting it well - and it is a complete family which is always the best scenario. Anyway we told them how we wanted to come over and pick them up on Sunday to bring them to church and the mom said she couldn´t, but that the daughters could and we decided that we would call them Sunday morning to wake them up. So come Sunday we called them and the mom picked up the phone and told us that the daughters would not be able to come to church that day because they were with their dad. So we were super bummed out, but the worst part was when we got to church the neighbor came up to me and asked, "hey where are the girls"? and i just explained what the mom said. Then the neighbor lady said to me, "i saw them in the house and asked if they wanted to go to church with us and they told us that they were waiting for the missionaires to come pick them up" and so the neighbor just left assuming we were going to get them. Ah, that frustrated me a lot and made me realize that the mom may not be ok with her daughters going to church and that could cause problems as we teach them...
    Our other investigators who live near there is the mother-daughter combo, and the mother is also struggling to come to Church because of the Sunday visiting hours at the jail with her son, and now she got a job where she works Sundays so that´s just another obstacle that they have to overcome. The daughter is super positive and always feels the Spirit super strong, to the point where she says she knows the Church is true just by that feeling, so it´s super frustrating that i cán´t help her out more or figure out a way to help her get to Church.
    Also Moises has been super busy working so everytime we call him to set up an appointment he says he´´ll call us back to tell us when he can, but of course, he never ends up calling us. I´m nervous that something happened between Moises and the member that i think he was dating, and now he doesn´t want to continue learning about the church because of that. He was very positive the first times he came to the church but i hope he wasn´t doing it for the wrong reasons.
   One thing that isn´t really helping me personally is that i got this allergic reaction or something that broke out. My legs and arms and stomach are completly covered in a swollen hot rash that itches and hurts. I really have no idea what it is or why it came out on me because the day it came out i was fasting, so i hadn´t eaten anything. I guess i´m allergic to fasting :) but don´t worry about me and don´t call the mission president or anything (one elder told his mom how he had something wrong with him like that and she freaked out and called the mission demanding that they do something and now they tell us not to tell our parents anything like that, but i trust you guys won´t do anything. Plus i´m going to a doctor soon so it´ll all be good.)
   Hey some good news, the ZL´s found the mission box in the bus station and my package was in it, well one package anyway. I never got the letter with the camera card but i did get the package with the CD and stuff! I´ll make sure to take some video before i send this camera card to you guys. Money sounds fine for my birthday, i can´t really think of anything i really want or need that you could send me, so no worries.
    Well, i´m glad to hear that things are going good at home and i´m sure things will pick up here, they always do! I love you guys and pray for you every day :)
Elder Pfister

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