Monday, October 29, 2012

Que Xopa Mae!

Que Xopa Mae!
Haha, ¨Que Pedo loco¨ is just  a slang way to say what´s up, but it literally means ¨what a fart¨ which is funny because my comp says it all the time, so the other gringos and I always say it now to joke with him. It´s fun to learn all the dumb slang sayings here because in English they make no sense at all, so that´s why i start my letters like that, just so ya know. 
We are going to be moving into our new house this week and now we´re only going to be living 2 missionaries in each house, as the other elders found their own house. Now President Ward wants us to find another house because he plans on putting 2 more sisters in our area so we´ll have 6 missionaries here in Penonome. The Panama mission is about to get 80 new missionaries and 60 are going to be sisters, WOW!  Usually we get around 5-15 new missionaries a month, and now they plan on putting 2 more missionaries in every area. They said that there are around 10,000 new missionaries going to the mission field in the next few months. Our mission is almost going to double in size, & i wonder if they will split it into 2 missions soon...
As for our investigators it was an empty sacrament meeting this Sunday, as we didn´t have any investigators show up. We probably won´t have many people there next week either because these upcoming weeks are holidays like Patriot Days and lots of other random holidays, and that means rough times for missionary work. There are a few days coming up where we will not be allowed to leave our house because there will be too much partying and stuff going on. Speaking of not leaving, did you guys see anything in the news about Panama lately? The whole country was practically in civil war against the government. There were like 50 deaths and tons of people injured all over, but mostly in Colon. The government tried to pass some law that would make lots of people lose their jobs so they rebelled and in a big way. This whole week they had like the Army of Panama roaming the streets trying to calm things down but they weren´t successful. There were huge shoot outs, bombings, fires and all that good stuff. We weren´t allowed to leave our house on Friday because of the rioting here. It´s been crazy but i guess they solved it and got things settled down. The government of Panama always seems to be in a fight against the people in some way. 
 But back to our investigators, Manuel is still reading the Book of Mormon and loving it, but couldn´t come to church because of some extra job he had to do - but he said he´ll come this week. Lebsi, this girl that Segura and I found and taught is going to be baptized on Saturday which is cool, i´m not the missionary teaching her anymore, but it´s still cool because its my old area and i found her.   
We met and taught this drunk guy which was kind of a funny story. We went to this house to have a family home evening with these members and he was just standing outside and starting talking to us about how his wife left him and that he wants to find God and quit drinking and all that stuff. Well, the family let him come in for our family home evening lesson and we focused the lesson towards him. I'm not sure how much he got out of it or what he will remember but hopefully it helps him. Anyway we went to visit him later in the week and when we get there his neighbors tell us how the police came that day and they took him to jail because of something he had done earlier and he had been hiding from the authorities. We can´t do much now to help him but hopefully he remembers our teachings to him. 
One thing that is kinda miserable is that i'm sick right now, just with a cold or something, not serious but it´s a pain and speaking in spanish when you don´t have a voice is quite difficult haha. Ill be fine but i never thought i would get a cold from rain when it's 75 degrees outside, haha.

Here the only thing the Panamanians really do for Halloween is a lot of partying and stuff like that. There are a few little neighborhoods where the kids go out to get candy but not very much, nothing like back at home. Elder  Kniff and I plan on dressing up a little in a missionary way, haven´t decided how but we´ll do something. I wonder if we´ll be able to work with all the partying and drinking...

I should be getting some packages and mail this Friday when the ZL´s get back from their meeting in Panama City. Here out in the middle of nowhere the mail is very scarce so when it comes it´s more like Christmas, haha. I can´t really think of anything that i need right now, but i´ll let ya know. 

Well i got to go, today isn't actually p-day for us this week, we´re going to some beach on Friday as a zone, but we don´t have enough money right now so we´re waiting till we get the money to do it, but i figured you guys might freak out if i didn't write you till Friday haha  - am i right? 

I love you guys so much and i think about you and pray for you everyday! Thanks for everything and take care! 
Elder Pfister

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