Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Que Pedo Loco!

Que Pedo Loco!
    Well, this was an interesting week because we spent nearly every day looking for a house, and right now we´re in the school semester, so there is not a single house or apartment or room available! Holy cow looking for houses is so boring, especially dressed as missionaries most people just thought that we were trying to preach to them so they wouldn´t even let us ask about houses. So on Friday after all week of looking with no success at all, we went to see this referral - a person that is a less-active woman and her non-member daughter, so we taught them and at the end of the lesson, I randomly asked her if she knew of a house for rent and she was like, "oh what luck, we own a house and the people are going to move out on the 3rd of this month." We lucked out because this house is super close to the church and also close to the house where we eat lunch everyday, so we won't have to take a bus everyday. The only problem is that they are moving out on the 3rd and we have to be out of our house on the 30th, so we may be living with a member or something for a few days haha -that should be interesting.
    So news from my old area isn´t that great, the 'bus station' lady was really positive, but her husband was really negative towards the church and it started causing problems in the house, so she asked the missionaries not to come back because she doesn´t want problems with her family. We didn´t have anyone in church this week either... Manuel, this really positive guy who´s loving the Book of Mormon and is a good friend with this member was going to come. But through a combination of over-sleeping and miscommunication, he ended up not coming this Sunday, but we're optimistic he'll make it next Sunday. 
   And we're excited because next week we have some good appointments. We have two moms who both have daughters who want to be baptized after they got taught the lesson, plus we have this couple where the husband is already a member but his wife is not, so we´re going to start the process of getting them married, so i don´t know if they´ll be baptized this change but in the future I'm certain they will. Marrying people in this country is a super pain but hopefully they´ll help us out if they really want her to get baptized. I really hope we can find Manuel this week, he works downtown so i´m going to try find him this week so that we don´t lose him. This next week i´m going to work super hard to make up for this week, as we lost some days looking for a house, and this is the last week to find new people who will be able to be baptized this change, so we´re going to go at it hard.
    Though this week wasn´t super spiritual because we didn´t teach that much, i felt like the Lord blessed us,  and also retaught me the lesson that if you work hard, you may not see results super fast but the blessings will come in time, and they will be better than you expected. I was really tired of looking for houses, and in the end a house was put in our path, plus we ended up with a good investigator to go with it, haha.
    Sounds like you guys are enjoying life there with the trip you have planned to Belize. Brit looks really pregnant from the picture you sent, and it´s weird seeing her like that but exciting too, soon í´ll be an uncle, haha. I love you guys and i hope ya have a great week! Cuidense!
Elder Pfister

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