Monday, October 8, 2012

Q' Xopa Loco!!

Que Xopa!
    Well i kinda had changes but nothing too big. There were 4 elders in the house with us but they took out the two from the other area and sent them somewhere and they put me and my new companion in that area and they kept my kid (former companion Elder Segura) and his new comp in my old area. So now i´m kinda opening another area because i don´t have any investigators or anything because the departing missionaries didn´t leave us anything to work with, haha. I´m ok with it because i still know the area pretty well and now i just get a new start for investigators. My new comp is Elder Castejon from Tegulcigalpa, Honduras,  I knew him before this area, so i didn´t have the awkward "getting to know him" part which was tight. He´s cool and i think we´re going to work well together. 
    As for my illnesses... They´re pretty much gone, but i´ve noticed your concerns with all your loving emails, haha :) so i will still go to the hospital or buy all that stuff you suggested or both, no worries! But really i´m pretty much healed so it´s all good!
   For my birthday we celebrated it on Tuesday (i know that's bad luck), in the house of our lunch cook. They started by smashing eggs on my head then dumping flour all over me. Then we exploded a pinata, had a flour fight, and then ate cake and ice cream which they also smashed in my face. It was a party, and super fun and i got some good pictures of it for you guys! 
   I can´t believe i already have one year in the mission... Time has flown by so fast! The fastest year of my life and they say that the first year of your mission is slow compared to the last. I´m super excited for the upcoming year, i hope to achieve lots here!
    I was able to watch most of the General church conference (broadcast from Salt Lake City), but the signal kept cutting out for us here but the parts i saw i loved! Church conference is always something to look forward to for me, which is a change because i remember not too long back conference was just a chance to stay home and sleep which watching a little, haha. We had two new investigators come to the church, which we didn´t even invite, but they both liked it alot so hopefully they´re open to being taught too.
    So the Rescue activity we did a few weeks ago is really paying off now especially for us since we´re starting off with nothing in our new area, because we now have a ton of references from the rescue activity of menos activos and part member families. That´s what we spent the major time doing, searching out these referrals so we can start working with them. The Herreros, the senior couple who i think will be part of the seventy soon, are going to work alot with us because they think our area has the most potential of all the zone. Other than that we´ve just been trying to find any old investigators the others were teaching; it´s a struggle but a rewarding one in the end. 
    Thanks for all your concerns for all my diseases and stuff, and don´t worry i really am taking care of it following your advice and everything you sent me. I´m glad to hear that you guys had a fun conference weekend and that Brit is doing good still! Don´t forget to take pictures of her as her belly grows, because i can´t picture Brit pregnant looking, haha. 
    I love you guys muchisimo and i miss and pray for you guys everyday. I hope you enjoyed the conference and are able to use it because i know by experience and by seeing others use it that those are the words of God spoken to us through His living Prophet and Apostles, and that they are for our benefit. I know that President Thomas Monson is a true prophet and he just reaffirmed that status to me with this conference with everything he said. They always seem to talk about the one thing i need at the time to help me spiritually, and i know that if we listen carefully we'll find the answers to our questions too. They are inspired men here on the earth to bless us, we should take advantage of that :) haha. 
I love you guys!
Les Amo,
Elder Pfister

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