Monday, April 2, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister April 2nd, 2012

     The Church Worldwide Conference in Salt Lake City this past weekend was amazing wasn´t it?! I really loved it and we got to watch all the sessions in English even, so that was nice. My favorite line by far was Elder Holland´s when he said, "Don´t delay, it´s getting late." Man, he gives such good talks! Also super funny was when Elder Christofferson finished his really complicated sentence and said more or less, "Translate that"- super funny because all us Spanish speaking missionaries talk about how if we were giving talks, we would put in super hard words just to see how the translators translate them. Sadly the translator for Spanish didn´t say anything for that phrase. But this conference was great especially in all the advice given for the family. I would say the theme of this conference was families and how to strengthen them in this world. We also had some investigators promise to come to some sessions of conference which i think would have really helped them, but they couldn´t come at the last second so that was a super bummer. Our plan now is just teach from the general conference talks for a while.

    As for the work in Juan Diaz, not much is new. Our three positive people are still going good and everyone else just keeps dropping and so we find new ones, haha. One easy way to find my area is just find the National Soccer stadium, that is in my area. We´re hoping we can get two baptisms on the 13th and the 14th of this month and then one a week or two after that, so hopefully those come through.

     Sounds like things in Logan are going smoothly. It´s funny how you are all loving the nice warm weather while i´m missing the fresh crisp mountain air. That´s too bad the Aggies lost the basketball championship game, but sounds like they finished alot stronger than they started. And it´s sweet to hear that Bobby Wagner did so good in his NFL workout. I hope Wagner and Robert Turbin rock the NFL, maybe even on the same team, imagine how cool that would be! but unlikely.... This guy came up to me yesterday at conference and started talking NCAA tournament stuff to me and i guess he didn´t realize we as missionaries don´t watch sports, but it caught me totally off guard, i didn´t even realize it was March Madness till yesterday.

     Dad, your April fools thing really got me.... but in my defense i´m reading this on April 2nd so it doesn´t count. And i don´t remember saying i needed a new ipod.. i just said that the ipod shuffle doesn´t work. But on that note, i should have a black ipod video just sitting in my room somewhere, i think on my bookshelf or in my night stand or around there. And no, i have not yet received any packages yet... but tomorrow could be the day, haha.

     Mom, i´m glad to hear that your knee is getting better and i know what you mean it´s hard to be patient. I remember that too well. And the city with the concentric circles of streets (Cuidad Radial)  that you mentioned, i think i know what you are talking about and it so, yes i know it.

    Britt, how was Washington D.C.? And also could you go accept all my friend requests on Facebook? I have alot of people tell me they found me but i need to accept them.

The Biggest news from this week was for sure Conference. I loved it and got so much out of it! Especially David F. Evan´s talk when he was talking about missionaries ;) haha - but they had some great messages. And I can testify that the Church leaders are called of God and receive revelation for us in this day. We had an activity with some investigators where we had them write a few questions they had, and we promised them that if they have faith and pray about it, their questions would be answered in Conference and they all were! I know that the Lord knows our needs and He works through His prophets to help us. Like it says in D&C 1:37 i think, whether by mine own mouth or by the mouth of my servants, it is the same. I know that that is true and that if we study and apply the teachings of this conference in our lives, we will be more Christ like and have more guidance from God given to us. Conference talks are kinda just a lot of  "if-then" statements... If we do what the Church leaders tell us, then we will be blessed in one way or another. I know that Jesus lives and that He died for us so that we can return to live with Him again, and that we should never take for granted the power of His atoning sacrifice.

I love you guys so much!
Elder Pfister

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