Monday, April 30, 2012

Elder Devin Pfister Letter on April 30th, 2012

Hola Fam,
    How´s it going? :)
This week was not too interesting of a week in terms of missionary work, but i´ll give ya the run down. Monday we went to the causeway which is a nice relaxing p-day. We rented bikes and rode up this man-made strip of land that connects this island to the mainland and it has some great views and it was a nice ride. On Tuesday we had interviews with the President which went fine, but our district ended up being last so we left the church at like 5 pm and got on the bus for our 2.5 hour ride home, so that kind of ruined that day. Wednesday we spent the whole day doing different service projects for people. We started the day painting this investigator´s house and did that until lunch. When we arrived after lunch she told us how she´d like it if we could move everything out of her house and fumigate it for her. So that took a while then we went back to try to finish painting the house after that for a while, and we didn´t end up finishing the painting, so we´re going back this Wednesday. I decided i kind of like painting, it´s pretty easy and you can see your progress instantly. Then the rest of the week was kinda normal with just a few random things happening.
    One of our investigators named Florencia is a fun investigator to deal with but a real challenge too. She is super smart and knows the Bible very well;  she has her own church, but she knows that the church she is in right now has flaws in it and that it´s not the right church. So she argues with us over Bible scriptures on every point of doctrine, but if we can prove it to her using the Bible, then she accepts it really easily, so it´s been a test of my Bible knowledge and ability to listen to the Holy Ghost to guide us to the right words to help her the most. Another person we´re teaching also is knowledgeable about the bible and we went to teach him one day, and we found he was having like a Bible bashing meeting at his house, so that was super interesting to listen to. There were 2 LDS members, a few Catholics, a bunch of Church of Christ people there and some that don´t belong to any church, they just read the Bible. Someone picked a topic and everyone just argued about it with scriptures till they wore the subject out. Lots of the topics are targeted at Mormons, like Joseph Smith, living prophets and things like that.
    So as for the Skype (Mother's Day call), what day would be the best for you guys? Because, we´re probably just going to this Mall to use Skype so we´re not going to do it on Sunday, is Saturday or Monday better? I can´t believe it´s already time to Skype again, it feels like we just got done with the Christmas one! In fact it feels like a few weeks ago that you dropped me off in the MTC, haha. And for the packages... still not here. Can you tell me what name and address you sent them to so if they don´t come for a while i can go to the post office looking for them? Because i was talking to the missionary that deals with mail, and he said that there is no house or office delivery. They just put all the mail and packages with "Mision Panama" in the same spot and the office elders just go pick up all those, so if it doesn´t say 'Mision Panama' it´s probably just sitting there in a random corner never going to be moved.
     As for grocery shopping, when i shop here we go to a pretty big grocery store that has lots of things, however, it just doesn´t have a lot of common items for some reason, like brown sugar, powdered sugar, or powdered pudding, which are some of the things I look for to make a treat for our lunch. There is this one store, can´t remember what it`s called, but it´s American so they say they have everything, the only problem is it´s only in the city, and out of our area.
    Good job on you guys´ talks in Church! I wish i could´ve skipped mine and listened to yours instead! I really don´t like giving talks, it´s not one of my talents, haha.
     As for bugs and creepy crawlies here, in the apartment we don´t have very many, but in La Chorrera we had everything from cockroaches to spiders, mosquitoes, ants... pretty much everything, not very fun. In our current apartment, one really cool thing though is we have geckos all over and they are super fun to catch. They feel super cool crawling on you and they will just jump off you to the ground and they make a really funny sound when they hit like a ´splat´ haha.
    Tell everyone hi for me and that everything is going good for me! Life is great and time is flying. I love you all and i´m super excited to be able to see you on Mother´s Day!!

Elder Pfister

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