Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister May 7th, 2012

Hola Fam,
    So for Skype we´re going to try to connect here at the Mall around 11ish in the morning, Panamá time, on Saturday the 12th, not Sunday (Mother's Day) so that would be like 10ish there right? I tested my Skype today so it should be good and ready to go.

    Some interesting things that happened this week were that we spent most of the week doing service again, and i got some flesh eating disease on my face that burns like no other. For service, the lady who cooks us lunch wants to put in a new floor and raise it up a foot or so to be even with the rest of the floor. So we spent a few days just excavating dirt from her backyard to make a base for it and holy cow that was hard. Panamanian dirt isn´t like normal dirt, it´s full of fun little treasures that make it a pain to dig in. For example while we we´re digging we found shoes, toys, tons of rocks, a ball of dried cement about the size of a tire that we then had to chip away at. We took out like 10 cubic feet of dirt... All in all, good times for all, working in the sun and humidity. So that was last week and this week we´re going to pour the cement and put in the tiles and stuff, which i´m hoping will be easier. To be honest it was kinda a nice break though, some good hard physical work and a break from our normal routine.

    We don´t really decide when we are going to do service, it´s more like when people need something we done we offer up our services and these past few weeks there have just been alot of needs for our help, i guess. Or maybe people now realize that we´re serious when we say we´ll do whatever they need done, so now they´re taking advantage of us, haha. I´ve learned that the way of building things here in Panamá and there in America are very different and it´s really interesting to see the difference. I´m not sure if it´s because of the climate, money or a combination but i´m learning alot of Panamanian building techniques, haha.

    The work in a spiritual way is coming along normally, nothing too extra special happened this week. I'll talk about our investigators with you by Skye.  We have some good appointments this up coming week and not so much service scheduled so i´m excited for it.

    On a good note i got two of the packages you sent! I got the ones with the quarter board and candy (which they didn´t steal) and the one with photos so i´m still waiting for the one with the jersey; but the fact these packages made it to me gives me hope for the other package. Thanks for everything! The candy was a nice boost to our poor candy-less diet and i really enjoyed the photos. The photos really brought me back to some good times like snow caving, hiking in slot canyons and all sorts of fun things that i miss, haha. Oh I sent you my camera memory card in a letter so i hope that gets to you soon and safe, as i sent it on the 27th, i think, so we´ll see how long it takes to get there.

    So since we´re going to talk soon on Skype, i´ll make this letter shorter so i have stuff to say on Saturday, haha. But thanks for the packages and everything and i can´t wait to talk to you guys and see your faces! My face is kinda zombie-like but it´s all good :)

No worries! Thanks for everything, i love you and i´ll see you Saturday!
Elder Pfister

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