Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister May 14th, 2012

Hola family,
     Well, having talked on Skype on Saturday, i can´t think of too much to say since it´s only been two days haha, but Skype was great! It´s amazing to be able to see you guys, i feel like i was sitting in the living room just a few weeks ago. The biggest change i noticed was Dad´s hair, or lack of it. I didn´t notice at first but once you showed me it caught me off guard haha. Dad, just grow your beard out really long now and buy a leather jacket and you´ll be one of those motorcycle gang guys who are bald but with huge with beards, haha. I think it´d be awesome, not sure how Mom would like it though :)  I wish Skype could´ve been a better connection. It was good at the start but once more people came into the internet place it slowed down alot and made it difficult to understand you guys. Next time i´m going to look for a faster internet, maybe with a member so it can be like our Christmas session which was amazing.

It´s weird to think the next time i see you guys or talk to you, i´ll be over the one-year mark with my mission and i´ll be on the final stretch. Time really is flying super fast. It´s kinda bitter sweet how fast time flies, i really want to get home and see you guys, but at the same time i´m loving my mission so much, and everyday i feel like i´m becoming a little bit better missionary and i´m learning something new and i don´t  want to leave all that.

    Question for you guys, are we as a family planning on coming back here to Panamá after my mission on our next all family vacation? You guys talked about it a little but then you´ve also said things about Roatan in Honduras, or Belize, so i´m just wondering?
    I have a doctors appointment today so i should be getting some stuff to heal my face (face fungus) up soon and i hope it works fast, i´m sick of my face hurting, haha. Pretty much everyone at church yesterday said something to the extent of, Wow what happened to your face?! But hey now i can say i got some weird disease during my mission and i survived it haha.
   I bought an MP3 player on Saturday and it works good. I haven´t had a chance to put any music on it but it came with a few songs and everything is working good so far so i´m happy about that and it´s an 8g so it should hold all my music on my mission.
   Sounds like things are going great for everyone at home. It´s always hard to say goodbye and get back to working after the Skype sessions, but i loved being able to see you. It makes me feel like i´m not that far away from you guys. I love you guys and miss you!
Elder Pfister
These are the things i can think of that i would like in packages, but none are really important


-Soundtrack from "Prince of Egypt"
-Soundtrack from "Tangled"
-New EFY songs, if there are some. I have up to 2010
-The Nashville Tribute Band
    *The Work, a tribute to missionaries
    *Joseph, a tribute to the prophet
    *Trek, a tribute to the pioneers

Random Things:
-Real Salt Lake Jersey
-Electric Shaver
-Vitamin C (The walmart no name brand one, which is member´s mark, with flavor of orange juice tastes good)
-Take 5, a candy bar i´m craving that is not sold here

I also love surprises :) and i´ll just let you know if i think of anything else.

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