Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter from Elder Devin, April 16, 2012

Hey Fam,
   How´s it going? Things here are great! The two baptisms went  great! I sent the photos i hope ya got them, along with some other  random ones of my feet problems that i´ve had here, but don´t worry  because my feet are all healed up now. I decided to wait until the problem was over to tell you this time so you can´t worry about it :)

But to explain the baptism photos, with the two older men, the one next to me is Vicente (Bisente as i had been spelling it) and his friend Carlos who introduced him to the church and baptized him. The one with the short and tall guys, the short one is Carlos the kid who
decided to talk to us after his aunt died (his mother is a member but his father is not). And the tall guy in the photo is his cousin Jose who baptized him. Vicente was the most amazing investigator ever! He accepted everything and did everything we committed him to because he had seen the way his friend was and he knew that only the church and gospel could make someone like that. He said all us Mormons have a way about us that make us stand out from everyone else because of the way we present ourselves, act and live the standards of the church. Vicente is also very talkative so he had like half the ward at his baptism and he was great friend with everyone. He really adds alot to the ward and already he´s not afraid to share the gospel with anyone he meets.

Carlos the kid is really happy and content now, he had an extreme fear of death, now he knows that there is a plan for him and that he has entered the path of following Christ that, if he continues to follow, will lead him to eternal life where he will once again see his aunt. So pretty much the baptisms made all the work we've done worth it. We have been working hard without much success except for these two people so it felt super good to see them enter the waters of baptism. It really reanimated us and helped us finish strong.

    Some interesting changes are coming this week, for one changes are on Wednesday so i may be getting a new comp or even moving myself, but that´s unlikely. And our area got alot bigger so now we have a ton of places that we´ve never been to so it´s kinda exciting to get to go there but overwhelming a little too because our area pretty much doubled.

    Let´s not worry about the iPod thing yet, we´ll talk about it on mother´s day. And i´ll let you know when any of the packages get here.

    Britt, I got your letter where you were talking about planning your trip to DC and how you said,´´i hope we get to see the Cherry Blossoms because i pretty much planned the trip around that´´ hahaha that made me laugh for some reason, so i hope you got to see them!

    Few random questions for you guys. Since we don´t have dinner alot of the time and we´re poor we´ve been eating alot of top ramen but i´m getting sick of that. All we have to cook stuff is a weak stove top that barely boils things. So my question is, do you guys know of any recipes for good, cheap meals that you can cook with only a cheap stove top? If so i would love them, i never thought i would say it but i don´t think i can live off top ramen like i used to be able to. I actually get sick of it now haha.

   I had some things i wanted to tell you guys but i left the note in the house so next week i should have more. Everything is going good here and i hope it´s the same for you guys! I´m excited to see if Elder Brown goes and who will come in if he does go, and just all the fun
things about missionary transfers. To finish off i would just like to say, that i know that this is the true church and like it says in the scriptures, it´s such an amazing feeling to watch someone you´ve grown to love enter the waters of baptism and make those promises with the Lord. The joy and happiness you see on their face as they come up, clean as can be, is amazing. I love this gospel and being on a mission and being able to watch as people receive the blessings of heaven that come from living the gospel that I, having been born into the Church, kind of have taken for granted.

  I love you guys and thanks for all the support and love that you give me! Take care and until next week!
Elder Pfister

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