Monday, April 23, 2012

Letter from Elder Devin Pfister April 23, 2012

Q` Xopa Locos!

    Well this past week being the week of changes the biggest news from me is that.... Nothing changed haha. Elder Brown is still my companion, the only new thing is the new area that was added on which i´m excited to start working in. We´ve visited some of the investigators there and i think we could have 5 baptisms there in this change. This one lady we have now is really positive i guess but she´s so old and fragile that she can´t come to church and her nurse doesn´t know if she could physically get baptized so this will be interesting to work with. We´re talking with President about what he thinks about it so we´ll see. Its kinda weird not having something change, it still feels like the same change, just a really long one.
     We did some pretty interesting things this week, including stealing a bed haha. Ok not really steal, but my bed is terrible and the beds in the house where the Elders moved out has really nice beds. So on Thursday we went there after a service project, so we were in our service clothes so we kinda looked like homeless people. But the best was seeing everyone´s faces as they saw this homeless looking gringo carrying this bed on top of his head on the side of a really busy highway haha.  To understand this, and how funny it is, you have to see the homeless people here, they are really weird. They collect everything! You´ll see a homeless guy pushing a stroller with a highway cone and a broken washing machine in it. It makes me wonder what in the world are they going to do with all that. It´s enjoyable to watch and i felt like one of them carrying my bed haha.
     For dinner yesterday we had a weirdly normal dinner. We had three different types of hotdogs, which is normal but the types were meat, corn and coconut. Who eats ground up corn and coconuts in the form of a hotdog?! Well Panamanians do in case you were wondering. Then for a drink we had this hot corn drink from Peru, don´t remember what it was called but it was nasty. It tasted like a melted candle or those cinnamon pine cones melted down into a really hot gel texture.
    This Sunday i had to give a talk in sacrament meeting so i know how ya feel mom and dad, except they called me Saturday night which didn´t leave me with much time to prepare so it didn´t go as good as i had wished but oh well, they got the point and they important thing is that they understood me. I gave my talk on faith and acting on our faith. The great thing about talks is the opportunity it gives us to study so much about that. Also I used one of the segments from "Missions and Football" by Vai Sikahema about the Bob Duell conversion, and how Bob had to choose between his family or following Christ and getting baptized into the Church. For those that don´t know, he wanted to get baptized but his wife said that if he did, his family will be gone when he gets home. But he followed his faith and went through with it and they ended up having their hearts softened and they remained as a happy family, they even came to his baptism. His family ended up happily in the Church, too.  So that story went really well with my talk and lots of people really like it. I personally love it, that is the ultimate test of faith and he passed it and he was blessed because of it.   
    This week was kinda uneventful because we spent the first half of it visiting cool members, recent converts and our investigators saying goodbye in case one of us left, but then we didn´t. The second half was getting to know our new investigators that live in our new area. But i got a good feeling about some of them, there are some really positive ones there. Plus it´s always nice to just have new things to do instead of recontacting everything that you contacted the last change. If that change you were talking about (from the leaders of the Church) goes through about no more contacting, that will be so weird. I sort of want that change to come during the very last part of my mission so i can experience it.
     I´m excited to see how the NFL draft goes for Robert Turbin and Bobby Wagner, i hope they represent USU good! I saw a picture of Turbin running in the NFL (football) combine and holy cow his arms really are the size of my legs.
     I haven´t really heard anything about Mitt Romney from any Panamanians yet, so we´ll see if that changes in the coming months. It´ll be interesting if he wins because lots of the Diablo Rojos have Obama painted on their buses, you think they´ll paint Romney on there if he wins?? Haha I hope so, that would be awesome.
    So the rainy season is starting here, it´s not too terrible yet. Usually it rains everyday for about an hour or so of complete downpour then nothing the rest of the day. My shoes are still waterproof if the water isn´t more than like 2 or 3 inches high or if it doesn´t get above the start of my laces. But there have been a few days when there has been about a foot of water in the street so you would need waders of something like that to keep dry there.
     It sounds like everything is going good in Logan and that it´s toasty hot which kinda sounds miserable, i´m sick of the heat, i miss the snow!! But other than that sounds like your guys are doing great which is wonderful to hear. Life is just peachy here with the tough days and the great days but still loving it. The mission is great, it is teaching me so much about everything. And my testimony of the Savior is growing everyday as i notice the small but amazing miracles that happen in the lives of the people here, that´s the best part of the mission.

Thanks for the recipes and all the love and support. I love you guys!
Elder Pfister

P.S. Britt if you want to just start emailing me again i´m cool with that because i usually get your letters on Tuesday and forget what i was going to say by Monday, and that way i can reply to your letters in the week they actually happen instead of like 3 weeks late haha.

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