Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister March 26th, 2012

     So not all that much has changed here since last week, the people here are still not wanting to hear us out... but we did have some luck! This last week we have had 3 references given to us and they are all super positive! One is this 10 year old boy named Carlos, his mom is LDS and his dad is Catholic (but comes to church alot and is pretty much a member without water) and the parents want him to decide what religion he wants without them pressuring him. So they are having us come give him the lessons, and on the first lesson he said he wants to be baptized.  :)  He´s been really great and rewarding to teach because his aunt recently passed away and he developed a huge fear of death and the life after. Every lesson we have with him he has questions about death and the hereafter, and every time we answer it, you can see a little more peace and happiness come to him.  It feels super good when you can see the gospel helping bring peace and comfort into someone´s life, right before your eyes. We are hoping that we can get him baptized the 14th of April and i´m pretty sure we can get him to General Conference with his parents. We are also planning on lots of family home evenings with the whole family, including the dad, to see if we can get him to think about baptism too.

The next person is this Kuna guy from the San Blas islands named Monche, and apparently he works where some other elders eat dinner sometimes, and he has heard them talking to people about the Mormons and he wants to know more now, plus he has a lot of family back on the islands that are LDS. The Kuna are really good members of the Church I´ve heard because their beliefs as a people are that there was a Savior of the world and that He came to their ancient ancestors from the heavens and taught them and blessed them.... pretty much the exact story you find if you read in the Book of Mormon in 3rd Nephi 11 about Jesus when He appeared to the people in the Americas :)   so yeah once the Kuna people hear about that and the Book of Mormon, they know it´s true. We haven´t really been able to teach Monche yet, but we´ve talked to him a few times and he´s a really cool guy and already teaching us a little Kuna! Nuè means thanks.

And our third new investigator is this guy who works with 3 good  members of the Church, and i guess they had been talking to him about their religion and they gave him a Book of Mormon and he´s read some and yesterday he came to church for the first time and absolutely loved it! He seems to already be growing a good testimony, so we´re really excited to teach him tomorrow. Pretty much we have had no success contacting but i guess the lord is blessing us in different ways for our work, so i´m ok with that. And my feet are fine now, they got used to all the walking we do and they´re good, no worries.
   That´s pretty much what´s going on in my life right now. We had a zone conference last Tuesday where we had lessons from the AP´s and President Ward and we practiced teaching. It was pretty good, I learned some things, and got to see some buddies from the mission like Elder 'Atuake (former companion). And no, Colon is not in our zone, it was a 3-zone conference with Colon, Panama and Tocumen i think. The dumb thing is that Hermana Ward made us food and usually she makes really good non Panamanian food... but this time she just gave us rice with lentils (weird kinda gross beans). I eat a huge mountain of rice twice a day, literally everyday, why she would torture us with more rice is beyond me. But she did make "no bake" cookies which made up for it. 
   I´m super pumped for General Conference and yes we get to watch it and we may even have 5 investigators come to it with us so that´ll be sweet if it happens! Plus everything the Church leaders say is just a great quote waiting to happen and that quote is just another thing to teach to our investigators haha.
     Dad, I still have not gotten any packages but i heard that they come in waves taking from 1 month to 6 months to get to us, so maybe i´ll get them all at the same time. It´ll be like Christmas all over again! But also i´m in the zone with the office elders so that makes it faster since they don´t have to send it to another zone. But thanks for sending them, i´m super looking forward to getting them, every district meeting that passes and they´re not there, i just want them more and more, haha. Also thanks a ton for the Mission and Football articles, i have #1 through #8 plus the wrap-up one so i believe that´s all! I organized them and let my comp read them, and he loved them too. It had some great messages in there. I especially like when Vai Sikahema aid how he knows a bunch of LDS NFL players who didn´t serve missions, and how they all regret it, and if they could do it over again, they would serve a mission and put the NFL on hold, wow! If that´s not proof of how valuable and awesome missions are then i don´t know what is. They definitely are a once in a life time experience that can´t be replicated by anything else.

Also, speaking of the NFL, i can´t believe Peyton Manning is with the Broncos now... that´ll be interesting!

Mom, I´m glad to hear that your knee is getting better slowly but surely.

 So everything is going good for me here. Though the mission has been quite a bit harder in this area since I was transferred here, as far as the work goes, i still love it and though i miss you guys like no other, i´m going to stay here living it up for the whole 2 years :)

Thanks for everything you do and for all your love and support, i can feel it through the computer, haha. On a spiritual note, this upcoming weekend is going to be totally sweet! We have the opportunity to listen to what God wants us to hear and learn through the voice of his Prophet and servants. I know that what he is going to say is of God and though it is for the whole world, the Church leaders and the Prophet will answer our individual questions too, we just need to be looking for the answers, because they will be there. I love you guys and hope everything goes great for ya during the next week, Take care!!

Elder Pfister

Siempre Fuertes!!

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