Monday, March 19, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister March 19th, 2012

     It´s great to hear that everyone is doing good and it sounds like all is well is Logan and Boise. This has been a frustrating week for us because the members here are not helpful at all, and our investigators are not progressing at all.... But we´ve still had fun with it. We had a Zone challenge of challenging 10 of our investigators to get baptized, and we really wanted to complete it, except that we don´t even have 10 investigators, in fact right now we have none that are positive-  haha. So to complete our goal we would need to have very baptism-focused first lessons with the few contacts that let us in.  Well, yesterday at the end of the day we still had n´t met the goal, so we were getting desperate - so we ended up asking these two drunk guys who came up talking to us about religion, and they both said yes hahaha; but i don´t have my hopes up for them! But yeah the point of all that is, it´s been a tough area but we´re managing to make it fun still.

    Something interesting was that I went on divisions with my DL this week and he´s in the richest area in Panama. His area is pretty much all the super rich Panamanians and old retired gringos and those that work for the US Embassy. So we spent the whole day contacting and working in his area and it reminded me so much of the US. We did n´t really have any success, they never really have much success in that area, but it was an interesting experience like working in the States, and most of them only spoke English too which was way different because going from Spanish everyday to teaching in English is kinda difficult. But on the up side to his area, we contacted this member family and they let us in and were like, Hey I just made this chocolate cake and we have fresh lemonade, would you like some? So we feasted on delicious cake :) but I´ve learned that after rice, rice and more rice every single day, everything else tastes amazing, Especially sweets! And for dinner that night we had brats and soup bowls and it was so delicious!!

 So an easy way to find near where I live is look for the mall called "Metro Mall" or the place "Los Pueblos" as I live about 5 minutes from both of those and they are big stores so i imagine you could find them on Google. I think we´re pretty close to San Miguelito but we´re not in that zone. We live sorta by Tocumen and Don Bosca.

  I´m not sure why we can´t help people get married (like we did in La Chorrera) but apparently here in the city they have to do everything themselves, unlike in Chorrera, we could do everything, they just needed to show up to be married. I really wish we could do more because i have a feeling this family is going to take a long time to get married, if ever. And some bummer news about them, the whole family is actually members except for the mom, they are all just super inactive, like 9 years since they last went to Church. And the dad now goes to a different church with a friend every other week. So that family is kinda a bummer for now....

    Don´t worry about me and my feet problems or anything, I am fine and i have stuff that i could try that might help blisters, like moleskin, but i just kept walking on them and now my feet don´t hurt :) the blisters are really big but they don´t hurt and aren´t bleeding so it´s all good. Speaking of injuries, the other day when i was in Chorrera this lady told me to get an orange out of the tree outside, so i jumped up to get it and a thorn scraped me a little but i could n´t see anything and it did n´t hurt that bad so i did n´t think anything more of it. But then I got done collecting oranges, and when she saw me she kinda freaked because the whole left side of my shirt was soaked in blood, and i looked at my arm and i had this huge cut running from a little below my thumb to my elbow, just bleeding like crazy, haha. It look pretty cool and did n´t hurt so no worries but it was a sweet war wound. Just a funny story for you, and she washed my shirt so it´s all white again.

    Well, i still haven´t got that package... but who knows maybe i will get it tomorrow, there is always hope! It gives me something to look forward to, haha. What address did you send it to?

   Britt and mike, congrats on buying a new car! I just got the dearelders (pouch mail) from you and read them this week.

    Pretty much things are kinda hard but still super fun here. My comp and I are always having a good time and joking around and laughing so it´s good. I´m glad everything is going good for you guys. One kinda funny thing, we use the new Metro buses a lot here and they have a thing to tell you how hot it is, and today as we were riding it we were freezing so we looked to see how cold it was, and it was at 70 F degrees, haha. I am spoiled by the heat now, 70 F is cold and gives me goosebumps here :) I´m going to die when i come home to Logan weather. But life is good here even though we aren´t really having much success but i have faith that things will work out fine. We´ve been working hard and it´ll pay off soon enough. Thanks for everything you guys do and for all your support and love! This is the best Church ever because we can be a family forever!
Love and miss you guys!!
Elder Devin
Siempre Fuertes!!

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