Monday, March 5, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister March 5th, 2012

    So the happy news is that we had another baptism this last Saturday, with Richard Gonzales. It was super fast, we set the date with him on Monday and he got baptized on Saturday. As I mentioned last week, we had been teaching him for awhile though.  He wanted to hold the baptism super fast though because Saturday was his birthday too; so he was born and reborn on the same day, haha. 
     I still don´t know if i´m leaving this area or not, or who my new companion will be. I hear they tell the missionary getting moved on Tuesday night, unless you live far away from Panama City, then one is told on Monday nights, so I should find out tomorrow. But i talked to President Ward and he said that my companion is leaving, so i bet i´m staying here until the next transfer, and at that point i´ll leave, which is fine with me. I kinda want to leave to get to know more of Panama but i´m not stressing over it. 
The training day with President went pretty well. He and his two assistants taught us some things and of course encouraged us to be more obedient and to work harder. As a zone for February we had 10 baptisms, but he literally said that that´s not enough and we needed to work harder. My companion and I had 6 of those baptisms though, so we were pretty happy. But then after, most of the elders had a interview with him where he kinda got upset at some missionaries because of their disobedience. And the disobedience was things like lots of elders sleeping at someone's house and then not working the next day, downloading movies and watching them, and then other things like sleeping in, not studying, spending too much time in members homes. 
To answer your questions, I live like an hour away from the beach so no I can´t see the beach sadly, but i can see lots of jungle haha. And for breakfast i either have oatmeal with granola or nothing. I´m trying to eat healthier but eating healthy is expensive and the last money period i ran out of money so that didn´t work very well haha. 
The scouting trip (winter camping with the 11 year old boys) sounds like it was a fun time for everyone. I remember going there with Dad... that was super fun! I liked pretty much all the scouting stuff even though there were some less enjoyable times, but all in all it was fun. 
Good memories there :)
I still haven't received any packages yet but like i said, they take forever and someone told me if i am getting transferred the office people might be holding it to send it to my new area so it doesn't get lost in my old one. But thanks bunches for sending them! 
My surgically-repaired knee hasn´t really had any problems. It has hurt sometimes and sometimes it pops really easily and frequently, so i don´t know what that means, but i think it´s fine. It usually feels fine, but i still don´t trust it all that much.
So things here are pretty good, i´m excited for the transfer to see who i get as a companion and where i go if i go somewhere new. Today on our day off, we went to do this hike called Chicá and it was super fun and pretty! I think you guys would really like it.  There are these cool old ruins and in the morning it was all misty and cool looking, fun place to be with lots of cool pictures to take.... So we´ll have to go there after my mission :) 
Well, this week will be interesting with everything going on, and i´ll make sure to let ya know what happens and try to send some more photos. Tell everyone i say hi and that everything is "prity" as they say it here in good ol panama, haha.
I love and miss you guy - thanks for everything :D
Elder Pfister

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