Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister February 27th, 2012

Hello my dear gracious and loving family,
    It sounds like everything is going pretty good for you guys. Mom and Dad, your skiing adventure sounded kinda miserable, i´m sorry the slopes aren´t too good this year. I´m glad you made it back safely from Beaver and didn´t have to wait in the canyon forever. And it sounds like all you guys had a pretty fun time in Boise hanging out with the fish. That sounds like it was cool.... but not as cool as scuba diving with them would be ;) Speaking of which, I talked to my comp about those islands in Honduras (Roatan) and he said they are way cool. The water is crystal clear and amazing for swimming and there´s a ton of good coral. And he said pretty much everyone the lives there speaks English because it´s such a tourist spot haha but it sounds fun.

      So our investigators have kinda slowed down and there´s not that much happening right now for us. We have this one lady named Mileydis who´s progressing slowly and this other guy named Richard, who is the boyfriend of a member in our ward, and he wants to be baptized - he is just always working and in school so it´s hard to find times to teach him, but we have an appointment with him today so hopefully we can set a date with him.  We´re going to go revisit Rodney again to see what´s up with him but he´s never home either.

      I have not yet been asked to talk in church and i don´t think i will be because no one else has ever said anything about that here, but that´ll be my luck, the first one haha. I have some talks from  the MTC i can polish up and use if i really need to, and they´re pretty good because i mostly just copied Preach my Gospel because at the time, i couldn´t really speak Spanish.

    As for teaching, it´s going pretty good. I don´t talk as much as i would like because my comp really likes to talk... when it comes to actual teaching, i do about 40% of it i think. But my Spanish is improving everyday because i´ve figured out that my comp speaks zero English. When we initially met, he told me he could understand all and speak some, but that´s not really true, but i don´t mind it because i´m getting a lot better at not thinking about things now. Before i would have to hear something, think a little, then think of my response and respond, but now it´s like I hear it and respond without thinking. It´s kinda cool, sometimes i think back to conversations we had and i think, was that in English or Spanish? Because i can´t remember, but i think that´s a good thing.

    So i´m think that i´ll be leaving Chorrera on March 7th for a different area which i´m excited for. I get to explore a new part of Panama. My comp and I have worked things out for the most part. We aren´t really good friends but we get along enough so we can get things done now. The President is coming tomorrow to have interviews with some people, including my comp and I, I´m kinda nervous about that. But overall things are fine between us now. 

     So your package hasn´t arrived yet, so í´m nervous i´ll get it in a month or so, because if it comes to Chorrera after I leave, it´ll take forever to get back to me, if it ever does.

     I have a question for you guys, especially Ryan, being the ipod expert. My ipod shuffle isn´t working. When i first got it it worked fine, and i plugged it in to charge and when i took it out it was dead. So i tried charging it again and it would charge for like 5 to 30 seconds then quit. So i tried doing that over and over but with no luck. So one p-day i tried charging it on the computer but that didn´t work either and it said i need to reformat my ipod. so that´s what i did and i put songs on it and it worked.... until i tried charging it again and now i have the same problem. It won´t charge or play or anything. I don´t know what to do, any advice?

     Brit, i just wanted to say thanks for those photos you sent me in the MTC from Australia and you and Mike, i found them the other day and i enjoyed looking at them, especially when i read the caption of the bird one which says, "Devin preparing to make out with a bird" HAHAHA I burst out laughing in the middle of lunch when i read that- it made my day :) so thanks for that!

     Thanks to everyone for all your love and support! Having recently baptized a family and seeing their joy and happiness now is just another testimony to me that the family is central in this Gospel and i´m super grateful to our Heavenly Father for that and that we can be a family forever. I know that we will live with our Heavenly Father after this life as a family and it will be perfect :)   I love and miss you guys so much and i can´t wait to see and hug you guys again but i know that this is where i am supposed to be right now. I´m here to bring the Gospel to other families so they too can become families forever. I know that families are forever through Heavenly Father´s plan.
Les Amo Muchisimo,
Elder Pfister

 P.S.  Will you send me a little photo album of family pictures and just pictures of everyone in our family? something small that i could carry around to show my investigators and stuff. Plus i just want more photos of you guys :)

Siempre Fuerte

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