Monday, February 20, 2012

Letter on February 20th, 2012

Hey there!
    So happy days, we baptized our family, the Family Trujillo, on Sunday and they were confirmed the same day to be members of the Church! It was a super special experience because of how difficult it was to get them married; all the waiting made it that much better! Now i hope their goal is to take their family to the temple to become sealed as a family forever. They are an awesome family and we´ve had many spiritual experiences with them. They had attended pretty much every church around, but they said none of them gave them the feeling that it was right until they attended the LDS Church. They could just feel the Spirit testifying to them that this was the one. The Mom, Jasnin, said she even had a dream like Lehi´s dream from the Book of Mormon, and there was this voice telling her things she should change in her life. She asked us if she should follow the Voice, and decided it was good after we explained how all good things come from God, so if it was going to change her life for the better, it was from God. Everything worked out great. They are a super spiritual family and it was great to get to baptize them. They are already very involved in the Church, going to every activity there is and trying to do everything they can be great members.

     So other interesting news is that this week has been Carnival here in Panama and it´s been crazy! We as missionaries aren´t allowed to leave our houses tonight and all tomorrow because of it. The people are crazy, they all have water and eggs and urine that they throw on people that walk down the street. Everyone here is drunk and crazy right now. Yesterday at lunch this car almost drove into the chino across the street because they were drunk and took the corner at like 60 mph.

Mom, to answer your questions, yes we meet in the stake center for my ward and the other missionaries also have chapels to meet in. The Church is pretty strong here in Chorrera but there are areas where they have church meetings in member's homes and and other odd places.  There are about 300 people in our ward but only about 150 come usually. We have alot of inactive people that we´re trying to find to work with.

When I was in 11-yr old scouts I don´t think we ever made snow shoes but that sounds fun, remind me when i get home, i want to do that.  And Mom, yeah i know who Bruno Mars is, he´s pretty popular with people my age but i don´t really think you would enjoy his music that much, haha.

     Dad, Mom told me about how the Aggies are breaking your heart, so sorry about that. It´s weird to think that it´s basketball season in Logan, because it´s not cold here.. in fact it´s summer here and super hot, haha.

     Brit, I´m trying to take more pictures, and especially more pictures like you would take them, all creative and cool, but it´s hard and now i want an SLR camera like yours, haha. When i get home will you reteach me how to take cool pictures?

     Everything is going fine here for me. My comp and i still struggle but i think i´m going to a new area next change so that´s exciting. I love the Panamanian people, most of them are so nice. Thanks for everything you guys do for me, I love to read about your lives in the US, and to think how different my life is now. I love you guys and miss you!
Elder Pfister

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