Friday, November 25, 2011

Letter from MTC Nov. 25, 2011

Dearest family and friends,
How was Thanksgiving? I know there were alot of different things going on. Brit how did your meal go with caveman-style turkey legs? How was dinner in Idaho Falls?

Thanksgiving here was great, not as great as at home but for here, it was good. It started off with a late breakfast so we slept in an extra hour which was heavenly. Then after breakfast we went to a devotional with a few speakers including Russell M. Nelson of the Twelve and his wife. It was a really good talk on Thanksgiving and giving thanks. He showed us this interestingly good song called "Alleluia" by the Motab men's choir, you should check it out. After that we went to Thanksgiving dinner (lunch because they weren't serving us dinner so the big meal was lunch).  It consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls and pumpkin pie. It was pretty good and I ate myself sick like normal. Next we had a devotional about Humanitarian Projects the church does, including talking about neo-natal training like Brother Brown does. And of course next we did a project. We assembled emergency kits for the people in Sudan. By the end of 2 hours we assembled 8000 kits for them. We all had fun with it so it made it fun. I made a few different towers out of soap bars which were awesome and then we played jenga with soap bars, it worked amazingly well compared to what we expected. We then ate dinner, which was sack lunches....lame. And then we had another devotional reminding us to be grateful and showing us where all the missions are in the world-- there are a ton! And we finished the day off with a movie, 17 Miracles, and they gave us popcorn for it so that was nice. I really liked the movie, it was moving. And throughout the whole day we would have big breaks in between activities so we had lots of down time for chilling and taking naps. And the best part is today is P-Day so that means even more nap and down time! So overall Thanksgiving here was alot better than i expected but not nearly like a home cooked dinner with all those delicious choices we usually have...mmm. But being away from family & friends during all these sweet holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas for two years is just going to make me appreciate them so much more when I get back, I already wish I would have taken advantage of them. It's amazing how much you take things for granted until you can't do them. And that is what I'm most grateful for this year. I'm grateful for all you guys (family and friends) and for all the good times we've had. I am grateful for families and how amazing they are and i'm grateful that we can be together forever with this amazing Gospel and through the Atonement of Christ. This mission has taught me so much already, and I'm excited to see what else it has in store for me.

As for other news, on Monday a district in our zone leaves and then we'll be the oldest ones with only two weeks left... kinda scary because i don't feel ready in Spanish. We had this teacher sub for us and he was from Equador and spoke really fast and i could understand him most of the time but sometimes when i wasn't paying full attention it was a blur of words. I have a feeling it's going to be even harder there because they won't be talking clearly like our teachers do here.

Congrats to Logan for pulling off another state championship in football, too bad they couldn't have done that one of the years i was there. Sounds like it was an exciting game.

The Elders in my district that hated each other are doing alot better now. They still aren't best friends but they get along with each other now which is a huge improvement. Being the DL is going fine, it's not very hard in the MTC, especially now that i don't have two elders hating each other to worry about.

Mom & Dad,
Thanks for the package!! The cd player works great, and the bounce dryer sheets worked for my static. The Brazilian chocolate was different but good. Dad it also sounds like your Brazil trip was really fun. I like talking to some of the Portuguese Elders to see how much I can understand them and usually I can catch most, but of course that's just simple talking. I decided I want to learn Portuguese and Tongan when I get back. They say once you learn one language a second one comes easier so I'll test that theory out. Atuake liked his package, though if you send him another, i would suggest less expensive stuff and more just bulk because in the Tongan culture - it's share everything you have. Also i asked him about corn beef hash and he didn't know what it was and i asked another tongan and he said they like corn beef but he doesn't know what the hash is. And yes we have a microwave to heat up food, i plan on using it today for some cup of noodles :)  Atuake is too shy and humble to tell me what he likes because he knows you guys want to know haha. Tongans eat pretty much anything... except veggies, that i have noticed he doesn't like. Thanks again for all the packages, i really appreciate them! Atuake says thank you too!

I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend with Shyla. That slide you described sounds really fun to do. Ya gotta let me know how your amazingly decorated Thanksgiving dinner went. It sounds like a good time and a rich time with gold pumpkins and silver platters.

Does the MTC sound much different then when you were here? I wonder how much has changed...? My spanish is going pretty well, I'm trying to only speak spanish most of the time but it's difficult when the rest of my district mostly speaks english. Me and my comp try and speak spanish most of the time but it's difficult at times. Even though i really don't enjoy the food here, i think you're right, i'm going to miss having someone make me three full meals a day. How did the turkey day football go?

I have a question, if it's not possible it's ok too, but my comp. Atuake, left his camera charger in Tonga apparently. If you could get one for him, he would be very grateful. His camera is a Casio Exilim. On the bottom it says, 5 mega Pixels Digital camera Ex-257. I don't know if it's possible or it costs too much and if not, it's ok, just wondering.

All i want is before i leave is my ultimate frisbee so i have it for Panama? it's clear with green writing and a gecko on it. I don't need it anytime soon, just before i head off. Thanks a bunch! I plan on sending some pictures home and my camera chip to brit soon.

I wish i had more to tell you but the MTC, besides Thanksgiving, is pretty uneventful. Oh, but something cool is that on Tuesday we had Elder D. Todd Christofferson come talk to us, so we had two Apostles in one week! Three apostles down, only nine to go to hear from them all in person! Then i'll move on to the first presidency haha.

i'm super grateful for all that you guys do for me and all the support! I think about you everyday and love and miss you!
I love you guys!
Les amo!
Afa atu!
Elder Pfister

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