Friday, November 11, 2011

Elder Pfister's letter from MTC 11-11-11

It's 11-11-11! That's cool and it's P-day which is that much cooler! anyway, not much new happening here. We do pretty much the same thing every day just with new material. My companion is doing really well in Spanish now, he can give way good prayers, way better than i can in spanish. Our lessons are also going pretty well now, with a little spanish preparation time we can give them without notes most of the time. We're also starting to really get into the confusing spanish now and they are loading it on us, we usually cover two new topics a day. A saying that i have heard way way way too many times here, "it's like drinking out of a firehose".

So some funny stories, me and this elder, Elder Schultz, were bored one night and he had gotten this fizz stuff in the mail. The fizz is just powder you add to a carbonated drink and it makes it way more bubbly or fizzy, hence the name. Anywho, so we got some sprite to try it in and i went first. Elder Wootton, an innocent bystander, told me to dump half the bag in (it came with 4 bags of different flavors). So i took a sip and dumped in half, or more, of the bag of blue raspberry fizz and shook it a little and it started fizzing a little, nothing really cool. But then after like 10 seconds, my pop pretty much exploded (kind of like putting mentos in coke except alot more power). There was sprite shooting every which way absolutely covering his room in blue raspberry sprite, so i decided to try to stop it by putting my mouth over the hole but that was bad idea. As soon as i did sprite just shot down my throat, out my mouth and out my nose with incredible force (incredible force for sprite at least, i've never seen pop explode so much) it was quite painful, the nose and throat part at least. So this all happened in like 30 seconds and after that my whole bottle of sprite was either on me or covering his room, the only sprite i actually successfully and enjoyably drank was the few sips before the fizz. But all in all it was super funny and a good time in the MTC. The best part is right after everyone got over how funny and not smart it was of me to dump half the bag in, (we read it after, a half bag was used for a 2 liter bottle, not a can) Elder Schultz did pretty much the same thing and this time i got to watch and enjoy the bubbly chaos and not experience it. That was probably one of the highlights here, it was so funny!

Another funny experience was during Teaching Resource Center, or TRC. Where member volunteers come in and it's pretty much like a home teaching lesson talking about the gospel but in spanish to practice. So we were teaching this guy named Matt and it was at the end of the lesson and we were just talking about what he's studying and stuff and what he wanted to do. He was saying how he wants to be a lawyer and i said that's cool, my sister is a lawyer and i wanted to say she loves her job, but apparently i said, "my sister loves you" and he started busting up laughing, like literally rolling around on the couch laughing. I didn't even get to finish my sentence which might have cleared up the confusion. In spanish i think i said, "mi hermana le gusta su trabaja" but he started laughing after "mi hermana le gusta" so i never got to say the rest. I'm not sure if that means, 'you like my sister' or 'my sister likes you' but either way he thought it was super funny. I was just super embarrassed, so embarrassed i forgot to have a closing prayer, we kinda just left haha. Maybe mike knows exactly what i said.

Mom and Dad,
Thanks for the cookies and mints and drawing, my companion really loves junior mints, he inhales them. I like that the cookies came in a cherry tomato package. I'm not really sure who the package was from because it also had mike's drawing which i really enjoyed. It's my new spanish scriptures book mark. But thanks to everyone.Let me know if LHS wins it all. Me and this Mountain Crest elder are good friends so it's fun to talk to him about how our schools hated each other and such. i can't believe usu beat hawaii like that, that's sweet, go Aggies!

Mom, How is grandma delma doing? When should i write her another letter?  Mom you've inspired me with all your scrap booking so i've created my own with pictures of all the friends i'm making so i can put faces to all the names.

Dad, It's awesome to hear that you've been able to talk to so many people about the gospel! It seems like it would be difficult to pull all that gospel knowledge vocabulary out after a while. Hopefully something happens there but if not, you're right, they're better already having the question of the gospel stirring in their hearts. How is Brasil going? Do you get any play time? Something cool is there's a guy a few rooms down who played defensive end for the Utes in the Sugar Bowl, it's fun to talk to him about football. I'm gonna send you guys some pictures soon. Give Yukon some love for me, i wish i was there to play with her in leaves.

I'm not sure if i got your package, was it the one with the cookies and mike's drawings? Tell mike thanks for the drawing, i really like it! As for 'celestial', mostly it's just a joke, most the elders i know that have used it don't really mean it that seriously. Good luck with the virgin cocktail business. I'm totally backing you there, i had a virgin strawberry dacari and me gusta it was way good! Not sure how well it'll work outside of utah and idaho haha.

As for ties, no sadly they haven't sent me any.... ;). So do you still have that white portable speaker? you were saying how you bought your own. Emily sent me some church cd's so now i kind of want it to listen to music.

Congrats on making it in the Nutcracker. That sounds fun and i heard it's way expensive which means it must be well produced and stuff and lots of people go to it, right? Well good luck in it! I wish i could watch it.

So the rumor is you are the owner of a new car! That's exciting, how are you liking it? I imagine it's really nice now that winter is coming.

Well I love all you guys and thanks for all the support and love you give me, i really appreciate it! I imagine my letters will get better once i get to the field and new and cool things start happening, but for now, all is well in the MTC. Let me know about anything new or exciting! Love you guys and i miss you everyday! Thanks for everything.

Love (english), Amor (spanish), Ofa atu (Tongan),
Elder Pfister

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