Friday, November 18, 2011

Elder Pfister MTC Letter 11/18/2011

Dearest Family and Friends and who ever else is reading this,
The MTC is getting really repetitive. We do the same thing day after day, and i'm kinda going crazy. I can't wait to get out into the field, i don't feel ready with my spanish or teaching skills but i wanna get out of here and go to Panama.
My schedule is usually something like:
wake up at 6:30
7:00-8:00 is personal study
8:00-8:30 is breakfast
8:30-9:30 is personal study
9:45-10:45 is progressing investigator teaching
10:45-11:45 is group language instruction
11:45-12:45 is studying with a teacher (coaching missionary study)
12:45-1:30 is lunch
1:40-2:40 is language study
2:50-3:50 is TALL, which is a language program on the computer
4:05-5:05 is gym
5:45-6:30 is dinner
6:30-7:30 is another progressing investigator
7:30-8:30 group language instruction
8:30-9:15 is some gospel or teaching topic
9:15-9:30 is read BOM as class
then go to rooms
10:15 quiet time
10:30 is supposed to be lights out... but our room seems to be the party room because there is always someone in there talking and hanging out till like 11:30 and it's usually someone different. I am so tired now cuz of my lack of sleep, i try to go to bed on time but it's so difficult. By the time i get to my room, write in my journal, read the scripts, studying a little spanish and get ready for bed it's usually 11. Plus my companion always has his tongan buddies in our room, which is actually really fun cuz their really cool and funny.

I'm learning alot about the Tongan way of life. They are so nice, they have this way where if someone likes what you have and wants it, you give it to them. FOr example, a couple nights ago walking to our rooms from class this tongan said how he liked my companions shoes, so Atuake took them off and they traded them. I asked him later if he like his new shoes and said no they're uncomfortable but it's the tongan way to give. And also all the Tongans came with lava lava's (the tongan skirt things) but all the plamii (white people) liked them so they gave them all away. It's amazing that they just give stuff away especially since they come from so humble of homes that they can't even afford the mission and all their clothes are from international assistance. Also some Elders in my district complain if they go one day without mail, Atuake hasn't received a single letter this entire time but he doesn't complain at all. He's just very humble and nice. But talking to him i also realized how much fighting goes on in tongan schools. He has this scar on his leg that is around 6-7 inches long running down his thigh and around 1-2 inches wide where this guy came at him with a knife and missed his body and got his leg but he couldn't afford the hospital so it made a huge nasty scar. This scar is huge. On a brighter note, he's a really good artist. He's really good at drawing cool words with a tongan setting. He's drawing "Return with honor" in my journal for me. It's tight looking. I'll photocopy it.

So you guys know Scott Farr right? I ran into his sister, Karry, here the other day! It's sweet when you run into a familiar face from home.
So something i'm really starting to miss is good tasty home made food. The food here is no bueno and it seems to get worse the longer you're here.

You have to let me know how LHS does in football, i'm really curious! and of course Vick broke some ribs, nothing is going good for the Eagles this year.

Congrats mom on selling your painting! That's awesome! you should put some more up for sale, i bet alot would sell. Also thanks for the package, it's always the best feeling to receive a package, it's like love packed in a box and mailed. I got a nice decorated desk now with pumpkins and pine cones! we receive packages at lunch and dinner, same time as mail.
In answer to questions, yeah i have a little over 3 weeks left. I don't get my travel plans till a few days before i leave. and i get to be a host for new missionaries the last two weeks here. Yeah, Brittany, maybe i will mail you my memory card and i wouldn't mind a few prints, some photos are just dumb on there so i don't want those. i'm excited to see what my awesome present is Brit!

Dad, yes i would love an ipod with church music on it. Also we can listen to non lyrics, christmas and disney too. So if you could put Disney, christmas, lord of the rings(no lyrics so allowed) and church music on it i would love it! Also if you could get me a CD player, Em sent me some CD's but they don't sell cd players here. And finally, if you could sent me my crest white strips and listerine whitening (both should be in the downstairs bathroom) and my white no show socks. I have a bunch of adidas no show socks in my closet, no need to buy new ones. And last, i would love some cup of noodles to eat and plastic forks :)

Some questions for you, How do you get pen out of white shirts? My comp accidentally wrote on my shirt. And how do you make it so your clothes don't have static? my clothes stick to me they have too much static.

Nothing really new has happened here. Thanksgiving here is actually celebrated so i'm excited! We don't have class for 2 days and they serve a really good lunch i hear. Am i going to be able to talk to you guys when i get back in spanish? Is spanish and Portuguese that close? How are things going for all of you? I'm writing this way too early in the morning to be able to think straight, so if i missed a question, ask again :) I feel like i've been in here 2 years already. A teacher told me, the MTC feels like 2 years and the Field feels like 2 months. I'm learning some cool new tongan words, that's the next language i want to learn and i'm definitely going there someday. Hopefully i can meet up with Atuake again while i'm there.
Well i love you guys a ton! Thanks for everything you do to support me, i appreciate everything! I miss you guys!

Love, Elder Pfister
P.S. For Christmas, could i have some of Dad's famous pumpkin chocolate chip bread, that sounds so tasty!
P.s.s. Sorry if my spelling is getting worse, Spanish is ruining my English.
Love ya!

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