Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4th letter

Hey Everyone!
I'm glad things at home seem to be going good for everyone. The MTC is going fine here. Everyday pretty much just like the last one so i'm getting more and more excited to leave. Four elders from our district already left on Tuesday for the Guatemala MTC. They're actually going to Guatemala on their missions so that's why it had room for them and not the Panama missionaries, and yes, i'm here in Provo all 9 weeks.

Our last Devotional was Elder W. Criag Zwick of the seventy. His talk was very good and he sure kept us awake because he was almost yelling into the microphone.

Halloween here was pretty non existent. We had orange pumpkin sugar cookies at lunch and that is all. But i celebrated it with my personal pumpkin and pumpkin snow globe. My Spanish is going pretty well. We've been teaching our teachers who would act like investigators they really had on their missions and a few days and my companion and I got one named Clara baptized so it just proves to myself mostly that my Spanish is getting better, even though if feels like it's not and that i'm not learning anything. We also have this thing call Teaching Resource Center, TRC, where real members and people interested in the church come and they have us teach them which was way scary. Luckily i've gotten the same guy 2 weeks in a row and he's really nice, really good at Spanish and very active member.

So there was this Elder named Elder Spencer who left to Guatemala but me and him and another guy, Elder Spencer's companion Elder Wootton, and we all became really good friends and Elder Spencer invited us to go to his house in Hawaii for a while after our missions! He's really cool, we got really close.

And with some elders leaving to Guatemala, including our District leader, I got called to be the new District leader. Which means i also get to deal with this companionship who hates each other and they are my roommates. My teacher is having me talk to our branch president, Pres. Sanchez, so this will be an adventure.

Other than that i can't really think of anything new that's going on here, same 'ol same 'ol.

Dad & Mom,
The stories about the guy who had his face destroyed (Bryan Burningham-stake conference talk) and then had 53 surgeries, and the oxford guy (Pres. Monson's BYU devotional) were amazing. I feel bad for the Surgery guy, but props to him for never giving up and keeping a positive attitude throughout the whole ordeal. And the oxford guy was good. I can't believe he had read the Book of Mormon 7 times and gone on a mission and still not know it's true without a doubt. I guess it proves you need to read, ponder and pray about it, not just read.

Dad, how's Brazil going for you?

Re: new lots of new missionaries going to Panama.  I think i remember my teacher from Panama saying that there are around 200 missionaries there and 11 stakes and 9 zones i believe. So it must be going good there. There are 3 other guys in my district going to Panama with me.

I've seen a ton of my friends here, Speedy, Sage Nyman, Derek, David Roskelly, Carter Fawson, Higley, Jake mortenson.

Thanks for the package! I really appreciate it. That jacket is really nice and warm. Also thank you for the mission scriptures from your mission Dad, i didn't realize there were so many so thanks for doing that. I'm getting them bound and the cover laminated so it'll keep. Also thanks for getting Kevin's address, sounds like it was some work to get it.

It sounds like Logan High Football is doing good. Do you think they'll win it all? Fav has been training up this dream team of his for a while now and it's paying off for him.

Mom, how did the Nutrition class teaching go? Emily said she might go into diet and food nutrition so who knows maybe you'll teach her one of these days.

I'm glad the Eagles took it to the Cowboys, it makes me happy all over knowing that :)

So this super awesome tie of mine, which the zone has labeled "The Celestial Tie" is paisley... don't know how to spell that but anyhow.... It's paisley and silver and blue. The paisley designs and light blue and the rest is shiny silver. It's the tie i worn during my farewell talk to go back and look at those pictures and you'll see it. It wasn't even my favorite tie when i was buying it but it's grown on me since then.

Hey good job on finding Cory a car, that's really nice of you and it'll help him out alot i'm sure, especially with winter coming in. And it sounds like you got him a pretty nice one for the price, hopefully it has some more miles left in it.

So now you got me really curious, what is this super awesome present you got me?! and when will i be receiving it?

The lots of ties thing is both a mission and MTC thing. It's what keeps us going, ties. But a problem i learned is that silk ties in humidity bleed and ruin shirts and the ties sometimes and most my ties are silk, so i'm trying to trade some for some micro fiber or polyester ties, then i might send some favorite ones home so they don't get ruined.

So i can totally see you jumping during Ryan's play which is super funny, i wish i could've been there to see it. Also Mike's prank to Mom sounds super great too, keep it up! :)

The tape recorder or video thing sounds really fun except would it cost alot to send it back and forth? Would it be like a letter in a way?

So the best food here so far has been this Kulu Pork and rice, Texas toast steak sandwich, bacon ranch burger, chicken cordon blue and teriyaki stix chicken and rice. And while all of those sound really good, the good meals here and few and far between. (not sure if that's the right saying...) aka, they don't serve many really good meals but when they do, they do them right. The food here is ok usually but some days i just go with cereal. Which is a totally cool thing the i guess they've learned... Teenage boys can eat cereal 3 meals a day, so they provide us with all sorts of different cereal at every meal. It's nice to know there will always be a food you like here.

It sounds like your play (Woman in Black) was great. Good job! I wish i could've seen it. I also wish i could've seen Mom and Brit get scared in it and jump. Also being one of two cast members would be kind of nerve racking and learning all those lines would be difficult. How are you liking the plays? Any more plays for you in the near future? How's life for you? Anything new going on? If you go to and write me from there i get it in mail form instead of email and i'll have more time to think of things to say, they only give us 30 minutes to read emails and reply which i'm learning isn't very much time.

Thanks everyone for all your support, mail and packages! I really love and appreciate you guys. The MTC is going pretty good for me, no feelings of homesickness or anything like that which is good, cuz a few people have it bad and they look miserable here. I've been taking some pictures too so i'll try to get them to you. I'm not sure if i can email pictures from the MTC;  they have a photo printing place here for hard copies so maybe i'll do that and once i'm in the field i'll email more.

Tell my friends i miss them and they can use dearelder me to contact me, but to make sure to put what address i should send mail to. I love hearing about the outside world. Thanks again for everything i really appreciate it!

I love and miss you guys a ton!! Give Yukon love for me! :)
Love, Elder Pfister
P.S. If you're going to send ties, no silk ties, only micro fiber or polyester.
Thanks, Love ya!

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