Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister July 2, 2012

Hola family,
     As i´m sure you can guess- church was, yet again, investigatorless... We´ve kinda decided to try a different approach to helping the ward, and that is reactivating non active and less active members because this ward has a ton of those kind of people. President Ward suggested that we take this route too because i guess Juan Díaz has always been a rough area when it comes to getting people to church and baptized. We gonna go with the more sure route, that is reactivate people and have lots of family home evenings with members, and then once we´ve gained their trust and they can see that we´re good missionaries, then we will ask for references of friends and family they have. A reference from a member is always the best investigator and the most likely to come into the church and more important, stay in the church because they already have a good friend to help them through everything. Right now I am just trying to help out my companion so that he has investigators and knows the area because i´m pretty sure this is my last full week here since changes (transfers) are next Wednesday; and seeing as how i´ve been here four and a half months i´m pretty sure to leave.
    This past week was pretty good week as far as lessons go. We had a lesson with this girl who is 15 and is pregnant. She started going to a non-LDS church about 4 years ago when her grandma died. But when we asked her why she decided to go to a church, she said she just wanted peace in life and wanted to know more about where her grandma is. She then told us how she doesn´t really believe in the church she´s going to, she just goes to be comforted, and that she feels that our LDS beliefs have to be right because they just make sense and make her feel good as she ponders and thinks about them. We visited her last Wednesday and during the whole lesson she was touched and was crying her eyes out. She seems pretty positive but she doesn´t have a very good atmosphere at home which may make things difficult.
    Even though the people we're teaching aren´t coming to church or progressing all that much right now, it still feels good to be helping them out. Though they don´t get baptized,  we can see the difference is some people´s lives when they hear about the Gospel because then they start think more about their lives and they start changing things slowly but surely. I know that though it doesn´t appear to be helping at all, i´m planting seeds that hopefully one day some elder will get to harvest.
     It makes me super happy to hear from the Familia Trujillo, i hope they´re staying strong. I plan on emailing them now, i hope i have their email address.... If not could you be my messenger and forward a message to them through Facebook for me? Maybe i´ll ask the President if he´ll let me email them on Facebook haha,  i doubt it.
    Mom, congrats on your paintings! That´s gotta be a great accomplishment! That´s what you get for practicing so much, i don´t know the exact number but like 650 days straight of painting and now it´s paying off, literally haha.
    Man it makes me so happy to hear that they are getting rid of the BCS! College football will finally have a fair playoff system and the best part is í´ll be home to see it begin!
    I´m gonna send my camera card soon and tell Brett Reynolds that i got his letter and replied to it i just have yet to send it off. I was just waiting to put the pictures on my hard drive before i sent my card and i am going send all my letters at the same time because the post office is kinda a pain to get to. So sorry Brett that it has taken so long but your letter is on the way! Also I got the two packages you sent with the CD´s last week and someone said they had been in the office for a while so they got here fast. I´m not going to give up hope on my jersey until after the 6 month mark haha. But thanks a ton for the music, i´m sure my comp hates me right now because i´ve been listening to it all week long haha. Right now i don´t really need anything and i can´t think of anything i really want... I´m sure i´ll need something eventually but for now i´m good!
    Yeah i remember that skiing picture that Will posted on FB, we hiked off to this little cliff to do jumps and stuff in the fresh powder, it was a blast! Can you send that picture to my in my email too? I really want to see it now haha.
    So I´m doing fine here, everyday working away and i´m sure soon it will start to pay off, maybe in ways we don´t expect but it´ll pay off somehow and it´ll be for our benefit even if it doesn´t seem so right now. I love and miss you guys! Take care and be safe!
Elder Pfister

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