Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister June 25, 2012

Qué Onda!
     So i don´t have that much time this week because we had to take this long missionary survey asking how well we know the doctrine and apply the things they teach us, stuff like that. So though it may be short i´ll try to make it sweet.
     I wish i could say that we had at least one investigator at church this week... but i can´t. It`s super frustrating that no one comes yet they seem so positive in the lessons. I feel like they think we are church for them, If they accept us, listen to us and feed us then they are doing all that`s necessary. My plan, which isn`t really working, is to bring members to all the positive lessons so the investigators can make friends in the church and maybe the members can help them get there. But our ward boundaries are huge and there aren`t any members that live close that are willing to help. It`s an up hill battle but oh well, we keep fighting it.
    We haven`t been able to find Shelby and Jorge yet and Bunny wasn`t able to talk to us this week so we don`t know how she is doing but i hope it`s all good. We were able to find a few families this week and teach them; i`m not sure if they are super positive but we are going to follow up to find out.
    I had to give a talk in church this Sunday. They called me at 10 o'clock at night saying how they forgot to call people for  talks so they need my companion and I to talk, so we threw something together real fast. I talked about the Atonement of Christ, and i think it went pretty well actually. The weird part was that they are renovating the church, so we had to meet in a class room for sacrament meeting, and there wasn`t a microphone so i just had to pretty much yell for everyone to hear me. I didn`t really enjoy that seeing as i don`t really like giving talks at all let alone having to yell them haha, but all is well that ends well.
     'Atuake (my former companion) had to take a bus for around 13 hours to arrive at his new area (Bocas de Toro), as it`s the farthest area in the mission from Panama City, but i`ve also heard it`s a fun one and really pretty. Bocas is where most the tourists go because it has the best beaches and things to see there. 
     We had a huge rain storm on Sunday that knocked out everything for a long while. We didn`t have water or electricidad all day. The wind knocked down tons of trees and power lines, it was a mess getting out of the city today with all the traffic jams that the storm caused on top of the already existing traffic.
     Though this area is turning out to be quite difficult, there still lots of things i`m learning from it and improving, and for that the mission is such a once-in-a lifetime experience. I feel like the mission at times can really bring a person down if you let it, but if you don`t let it, you´ll come out of those hard times a way different person for the better. Plus the mission is just growing my testimony everyday that no matter how hard life gets, our Heavenly Father is always next to us to help us out when we need it. I love you guys!
Elder Pfister

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