Monday, June 18, 2012

Great Letter on June 18, 2012

Que Hay!
    Well the biggest news is that.... we again had no investigators come to church. Super bummer, but oh well live, learn, and improve. The main people we were really hoping would come were the family of Shelby and Jorge, but they moved!! The dumb thing is that they didn`t move out of our area, so we can still teach them, but we called them to find out where they lived and they said they don`t know the address where they are living... so that didn´t help. We did pass by their old house and ask their neighbors, and they said they moved to a street to the right, and there are only three streets in that direction, so my mission for this week is to contact every single one of those houses until we find them, and hopefully we can find some other positive people along the way.  I don`t think i told you about Jorge yet. He is the boyfriend of Shelby the girl we met and taught and last Tuesday we had our first lesson with Jorge. We went over to the house actually to talk to Shelby, but she wasn`t there so we talked to Jorge and it was an amazing lesson;  the best part is that it was super simple but he was so prepared and the Spirit of the Lord was so strong. So Jorge had never talked to the missionaries before and doesn`t have a religion, so all we did was teach about Jesus and what He did while He was on the earth and that included when He was baptized - we read about that in the scriptures. Next we asked him why he thinks Jesus was baptized if the Savior was perfect and he said, maybe because He wants me to follow Him and be baptized too. At that point we were just like "wow," this guy had been prepared spiritually and is ready to accept Christ in his life. Then we asked him if he will be baptized and he told us, 'if that is what Jesus wants me to do then yes, and i believe it is what He wants of me.' We had only met this guy like 30 minutes earlier, but yet he was already wanting to do what is right. It was an amazing lesson, but it was so simple, that`s the part that gets me. We didn`t have a super lesson planned out, all we did was explain a little about the gospel, and then we let the Spirit do the rest. As soon as we got in the house talking to him,  we could tell the Spirit was testifying to him and softening his heart.
    Another good lesson we had was with Bunny, the lady with the son who has lots of problems right now. This lesson was as good as the one with Jorge, but it was still amazing in different ways. We had been praying for help on how to help her and her son with everything, and our appointment with her was on Sunday. Well, come Sunday we had no idea what to teach her that could help her situation, so we decided on the atonement to teach because with that we have the knowledge that no matter how hard it gets in life, Jesus is there with us and knows exactly what we`re going through and can help us overcome it. So that was the plan, but once we got there and sat down she went off again about her son and his girlfriend, which we expected. But at the end she started saying how she has no idea what happened, but that her son's girlfriend has suddenly dropped out of her son`s life, and that things are gradually looking up again. At that point i realized that our Heavenly Father always helps us and answers our prayers, just that sometimes He works in unexpected ways. In this case i have no idea what happened, but now things are getting better for the son and he wants to listen to us too, and we have an appointment with him later this week. So our actual lesson with Bunny was pretty good but nothing spectacular, but the whole situation with the son, that was the real blessing for Bunny, because now she says she is alot more relaxed and can enjoy life more now that she isn`t constantly worried about her son.
    Those were the two lessons that really impacted me and helped to grow my testimony and really helped me in that even though these investigators are not coming to church right now, the Lord is still working on them so maybe in the future things will start to come together better.
    I`m glad everything is going good on the home front. Sounds like some fun plans in the future with traveling to Uruguay and all that fun stuff. I knew that as soon as i left for my mission you guys would start doing all the fun stuff haha ;)
    So speaking of  Elder 'Atuake (my former companion), he is no longer in my zone; they got an emergency transfer arranged and he got sent to Bocas del Toro (northern Panama, near Costa Rica). Apparently he and his companion had some issues with each other because his comp was doing disobedient things ('Atuake says he stayed out all one night), and well they both told me different stories so i´m not sure what the truth is, but i know that 'Atuake got moved which is a real bummer, as i really enjoyed having him in my zone. His Spanish is coming along, it isn`t the best but considering that 'Atuake is learning Spanish via a weak second language like English, his Spanish is pretty good.
    This week has been a great week for me spiritually. It helped me see how much influence the Lord has on our lives everyday. I know that our Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and is always there to help us out and comfort us. I know that when we put our trust in Him and have faith, He will lead us out of trials and into the light, and though sometimes at first it may appear harder to follow Him all the way through with faith, if we do, the end result will always be better and there will be blessings where we need them the most.
     I love you guys and i`m super grateful for everything you do for me. The best part about this gospel is that, even though i`m away from you guys for two years, which right now is tough, in the long run it doesn`t matter because we have all of eternity to be together.
Elder Pfister

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