Monday, June 4, 2012

--Fantastic letter from Devin June 4th, 2012

    Well this week was an interesting week, we had changes on Wednesday and my old companion Brown got sent to Colon and i have a new comp named Elder Ramos from Mexico. 'Atuake (my MTC companion) also had changes and he´s now in my zone haha so that´s cool. Elder Ramos is pretty cool as well and obedient which is awesome. He doesn´t really know much English so i´m trying to help him out with that a little and he´s really helping me with my Spanish, mostly just because it´s pure Spanish again during the week. He was kinda hard to understand at first because he talks quietly with a mumble and really fast, even some of the Panamanians have had a little struggle at first, but i´m warming up to it and now it´s all good. He has been on his mission for one year, so he´s not all that much older than me in the mission and i kinda feel like senior companion with him because i do everything, and surprisingly i talk alot more than him during the lessons and when contacting. In fact it´s kinda funny because there have been a few lessons where he´s said pretty much nothing and i said everything and it just seems reversed, usually it´s the Latino doing all the talking and the gringo just chillin,  haha. But i kinda like it this way because with Brown as well, we shared senior comp responsibilities and now i have pretty much have all of them, but Elder Ramos is always willing to step in and help if i need it. So pretty much i´m going from 50% senior with Brown to 80% with Ramos and eventually to 100%, but it´s better than 0% to 100% in my opinion, so i´m liking it and improving alot i think. On the non- missionary side we get along well, he loves sports and from what I've seen is just a pretty chill guy so we have some things in common. I have high hopes for this change.
    I don´t really need new shoes because they´re doing good overall, it´s just that the back inside part is falling apart a little. On the inside the fabric is peeling off and the stuff that the shoe is made of is breaking off slowly, but i think a little duct tape will fix it up. I hope you understand what i said, it´s kinda hard to describe; overall my shoes are doing great. For the most part they´re still waterproof too, like if i step in a puddle or something they´re waterproof, but if it starts raining while we´re contacting there´s no hope for keeping my feet dry because the streets usually flood and there´s like half a foot of water everywhere so it´s a hopeless fight when it rains hard.  Even for my boots too the water will be too high, because it just rains too hard and soaks my pants then drains into my boots. Pretty much for puddles, my shoes do good, when we go somewhere that isn´t paved i use my boots and they work great and when it rains i give up haha.  i would need knee high rain boots haha. I think one of my shoes may last through my whole mission and the other pair of shoes may last most of it, we will see.
    My face fungus is all gone from what i can see and right now there´s nothing wrong with me so i´m just enjoying this pain free time of life waiting for the next trial to come my way :)
    As for the missionary work, we sadly didn´t have anyone come to church again! It´s super disappointing because we met 4 people this week who we think we can put baptismal dates with soon but they need to come to church! I think the problem is that our church is so far away from where we are working right now. It´s about a 30 minute bus ride from our house and the area we´re working in right now is about 20 minutes away from our house, so for our investigators it´s like a 45 minute to hour long bus ride one way. It´s frustrating because with a few of them if they came to Church, i know they would like it and would want to come back again - but the key is just getting them there the first time. So that´s the biggest problem we´re working with right now. My plan is to go teach them on Saturday and give them something to remind them of church so they have no excuses on Sunday.
    As for the investigators themselves, Bunny the lady with the son with the funny story, is seeming more positive every time. She likes to drill us with questions that she believes a true church of Christ would or wouldn´t do and she is liking all of our answers. We also found this lady named Aris and after talking to her for a while she has agreed to be baptized, the only problem is first she needs to get married and her boyfriend doesn´t know if he wants to get married yet... Marriage here is such a pain!! Another lady that we found we taught about baptism and she agrees with everything about how we need to follow the example of Jesus and be baptized and by someone who has the proper priesthood authority, so i think this next week we are going to try to invite her to get baptized. Emma is still progressing slowly, we´re going to bring a member over to her house with us so they can testify of the need to come to church because that´s pretty much all she needs to do i think then she will be ready. So overall we have two people with baptismal dates that just need to do a few more things and two people who are almost ready to set a date with i think.
    It´s so weird to hear about all my friends leaving on their missions, it´s still hard to believe sometimes that i´m on my mission. I remember when i was little thinking how the mission would never arrive and BOOM, i´m on the mission. Time flies by super fast!
   Sounds like things are going good for you guys at home, i wish we could go camping here, i loved those scout campouts in the rain, haha. Lots of good memories with that.
    Britt, does Mike´s family own a cabin up there (Idaho mountains) or why is it that you get free access to an awesome cabin all the time? Sounds like a good time though! And tell Mike good luck in the marathon! I´ve been running here a little too, so maybe if i keep it up for the next year and a half i´ll be marathon ready too, haha.
   That´s cool that Alex is in Switzerland, that would be fun! And that makes me laugh to hear that Cody Merrill bought a cross-bow, that sounds like trouble waiting to happen, but doesn´t surprise me at all knowing Cody, haha. Also that´s so weird to hear that Taylor is getting married to Bryce!! Holy cow i would have never seen that one coming!! Haha.  As for packages, the jersey one still hasn´t arrived but we have a meeting tomorrow so maybe i will get it then. I´m going to laugh if i get the other package first haha.
    Well i´m super pumped for this change, as i have a Latino companion who is obedient and willing to work hard which is the perfect combination and kinda rare in this mission so i´m counting my blessings right now! With a good comp the mission is the best, i love it so much! Even with a not so great comp the mission is great, just a little more difficult, but that´s when we really learn some good life lessons. But i know that this is the right thing for me right now, i´m learning and growing so much and i know that this is the work of the Lord and that it´s true. Everyday we can witness little miracles and the hand of the Lord helping us out in everything. I know that He´s always here to help us and guide us along and i´ve felt that everyday and i know it´s true.
    I love and miss you guys but i love your letters and hearing from you! It´s great to hear about all the things going on in your lives, makes me feel like i´m at home again, haha. Thanks for everything!
Elder Pfister

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