Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister July 9, 2012

Hola family,
    Well this week was  kinda a struggle for me because i´ve been really sick the last few days with the flu or something and it´s been hard to do anything. Man i miss the days that when i got sick i would just sit at home watching movies for a few days till i felt better. Here it´s more like, "Ah we have an appointment in 15 minutes but my head feels like it´s going to explode"! Not quite as relaxing but oh well.
     So i think there was a miscommunication... Changes (transfers) are THIS Wednesday, so i still don´t know if i´m going for sure, or what´s gonna happen but i´m very confident that i am going somewhere else. I'm pretty excited to get changed. I hope i go far away from the city because i´ve heard the life style is alot different in the more rural areas, and alot more chill (relaxed), sounds like a fun change to me. Mostly i just want a cool companion, that´s the most important part because when you get along with your comp everything goes better.
     That´s cool to hear that someone else from Cache Valley is coming here (John Stegelmeier), it´s weird to think ´that when he gets here to panama i´ll have been here just about a year, yet i remember arriving here like it was yesterday. The people here are going to have a fun time trying to pronounce his name haha.
      Pretty much all of my friends are gone or soon leaving on missions huh? That´s weird... It´s gonna be weird to come home with all those people still on their missions. Even more weird to hear about Ryan Lambert and Mark Hopkins being home and Kevin Dastrup comes home in December, wow time flys! I can relate to Ryan, we´ve had some weeks where it´s been straight contacting and in the end nothing much came out of it. That´s how i feel alot of the time is this area... but as President Ward told me on Tuesday,¨You´re going to a better place Elder Pfister¨ haha so i´m not worried.
      Sounds like you guys had a good time at the cabin in Idaho, and enjoyed the 4th of July on your end. I completely forgot that it was a holiday until someone said, hey´s it´s the 4th, isn´t that an important day in your country? And i had to stop and think... oh yeah, it is an important day, haha. The torpedo game in the swimming pool sounds fun, congrats to Dad for winning, if only i had been there :) Also mom it sounds like you are getting more and more famous as an artist, so you´ll be able to live off the sales from your paintings i bet!
     Brit, are you really going to get to go to Scotland for your work? That´s sounds sweet! Is Scotland Law alot different than ours? Better work on your Scottish accent! :) And yes, the Olympics are pretty popular here, but way more popular has been the European Cup (soccer) which just ended. As sports goes, International Soccer is by far the most popular, then national baseball, and then the Olympics and other stuff.
    NIce job on finishing and really dominating the bike ride, Ryan and Dad. Reminds me of when Ryan and I decided to go riding one day and we ended up going like 24 miles on our mountain bikes, man that nearly killed me but it was fun, and after i realized i wasn´t going to die, i felt good about finishing it.
    So i´m sent you guys two packages toady and a letter with the camera card, so the race is on!! The packages have some stuff for  you guys and some is just stuff i don´t want to carry around but i want to keep. Someone also told me i have a package in the office waiting for me so another package arrived, i´m not sure which one, and i´m not sure if i´ll be able to make it to the office so í might have to wait for it to get to me where ever i go. A bummer of leaving this zone, is that mail takes a lot longer to get to me. And i still never got that skiing picture, if you could send it again? Thanks!
      Well,  sorry this letter wasn´t the greatest, it just hasn´t been the best week for me, and i don´t have any stories except about me being sick, haha. But i´m getting better and i´m probably getting changed to a different area so hopefully i´ll have some stuff to talk about next week! Thanks for everything you do for me and i love you guys! Good luck in everything, take care and be safe!
Elder Pfister

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