Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter from Elder Pfister July 30, 2012

    Sounds like you guys had an eventful week this week with all that traveling and stuff. I´m sorry to hear about everyone that passed away or those that are close to passing. But as a missionary teaching tons of people who have lost a loved one, i´ve really had my testimony strengthened that death is not the end, and that in reality the people that pass away are in a better place and that now they`re looking out for us from above now. Investigator news:  So that family that came to church last week, well they must not have enjoyed it very much because when we went to go teach them again they hid from us haha. I think they had the wrong idea about our church, because after church the mother was asking us why it was so calm and reverent and why we don´t have crosses and stuff. She was expecting something else so i think that´s why she didn´t want to talk to us again. But we have found some other positive people this week. Sadly no one came to church, but our most positive investigators had good excuses... for this week - but i really hope they come this next week.
    One of our positive investigators is named Faustina and she had talked to the missionaries before but when we got there to visit with her, she said she had a lot of questions for us. When we sat down she kinda opened up and just told us, ¨ok the missionaries talked to me about The Book of Mormon and Jose Smith and some other things, but the truth is i didn´t understand anything and i don´t really believe that all that stuff is probable.¨ Then she just started shooting questions at us about random stuff and we just said, ok we´re just going to start from the beginning and reteach you everything. So that´s what we did and it went amazing! The spirit was super strong there and as we went along we were able to answer all her questions with scripture and testimony, and by the end she told us that she believes that the Book of Mormon is from God here for our benefit. She went from not understanding anything to having the small beginnings of a testimony about the BOM and she really wants to learn more. I have really high hopes for her to progress; plus she lives kinda close to the church so it shouldn´t be too hard to get her there. She lives pretty close to us so we´re going to go pick her up i think.
    We had another great lesson this week with the Family Marquinez. This family we contacted a few weeks ago and in the last lesson we left them with this little booklet to read. When we got there this week and asked if the mother was able to read it her face lit up and she was like, ¨Yeah yeah yeah! I read it and i understood most of it, especially this part, I loved that part!¨ It was sweet to see her so excited and she really did understand it well. So we went on to help her understand more about Joseph Smith and the BOM and by the end she was nearly to the point of tears. Her mom was there too and her mom is a very strong Catholic, but by the end of the lesson, she also said that she wants to find out if the BOM is from God and that she thinks it is. This is another family that i have pretty high hopes for. Not the entire family right now because half of them are really big drinkers and partiers but the lady and her mom seem positive and hopefully they can be the good example and help the rest of the family in the future.
    Those were the lessons that were the most positive during this week. We got a reference from a member that we contacted yesterday that seems like they could progress too and we have another appointment with them on Saturday and Sunday so i´ll let ya know next week how they are doing.
    So  you guys found the monument for the geographic center of the country on Google Earth, right? Ok i´m going to try to guide you to our house. You find the monument and there should be a park close by called Parque 8 de Diciembre. So you´re looking at the park with the monument at the bottom left corner of it, from there follow the street to the left of the park and take the first left. Follow that street and it should curve to the right and next to it is a basketball court. The last house on the left following the street after the curve, across the street from the basketball court is where i live. It is next to where the street splits. I hope you understood that, haha. 
   The ZL´s said that they have 3 packages for me so i´ll probably get them this week sometime so i´ll let you know which ones they are. I think my jersey package is forever lost in Panama, haha.
    Well i gotta go, but i hope everything is going good for you guys back at home. I love you guys and miss you!
Elder Pfister

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