Saturday, December 10, 2011

2nd and final letter on Dec. 10, 2011 from the MTC

Como estan?
So i'm sorry to hear you guys have been sick lately; i'm nervous my first few weeks or so are going to be rough for me with all the new food and culture shock.

Brit, i don't think i got your letter because i remember nothing about a pepto bismal octopus, please enlighten me!

Dad, thanks for the frisbee, it'll work great! And yes, i got my second hepatitis shot a few weeks ago so i'm covered.

So hosting new missionaries was way fun. We were to greet the families as they got out of the car and help them unload. We would ask if they had a few needed items and escort them to where they get their tag and we waited for them outside. We then would guide them to their residence rooms; two of the missionaries i hosted live right below us. After that we bring them to their classrooms where we depart to usually never see them again and we go back and do it all again. It doesn't sound that fun but i enjoyed talking to them & seeing how they were feeling. I liked comparing how they were compared to me on my first day. Most didn't know what was going on and had a blank stare on the whole time. One was watery eyed the whole time, and one wouldn't really talk, and he seemed kind of awkward and really nervous. But overall it was fun, especially just getting out of class to be outside for a while. Being in that small classroom all day long can make me go crazy alot of the time.

So that all was wednesday afternoon, then in the evening, Atuake and I had to be example missionaires for the new elders and show them how to begin teaching. What we did was- there would be a big room full of new missionaries and an investigator. We would knock and go in and start a lesson as if we had 45 minutes to teach it. After about 10-15 minutes the teacher would stop and dismiss us and we would leave while the new missionaries would try to take over and teach them based on the needs we discovered. It was ok, not super fun. I did a couple of dumb things like for example, we had a mic on and i knocked on the door and as a nervous habit  I always started talking in spanish right before so everyone heard me (we taught in english so maybe no one understood me); and then a funny one was Atuake. Right outside the second door after we knocked and turned on our mics he asked what her name was cuz he forgot it, and she opened the door laughing along with a ton of new missionaries. Overall it went fine, and i don't remember the missionaries who did that for me on my first day so probably they won't remember us!

So i might try calling you guys twice, once in Salt Lake,  and once again in Atlanta depending on how much time i have between flights. I did most of my packing today and didn't realize how much stuff i have. Our 2 checked bags can't be over 50 lbs. and our carry on can't be over 40 and my checked ones are 47 and 45, and my carry on is 36 lb. So it's a close one but i think i'm ok cuz i literally put everything in them when i weighed them.

I don't know if you don't know this already or even want to but the mission office address is
Calle 53 y Calle 50
Marbella, Panama City
Republica de PANAMA

(507) 213-3180, mission office telephone;
6612-6738, president Ward's cell phone.
just in case you need them.

I guess the best thing to do now is just email each other because i heard dearelder costs a dollar so email sounds best. hopefully i have more time there than i did here.

I heard that my p-days in the field are going to be on mondays but i won't be able to write this monday because i'm getting in so late. I'm going to miss getting your letters everyday but now it'll make it that much better having to wait for them.

I love you guys so much and can't tell you how much i appreciate everything you've done for me while i've been in the MTC.
Les amo mucho,
Elder Pfister

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