Monday, October 28, 2013

Todas las cosas buenas deben llegar a su fin!!

Q´ Xopa Mo!
    Well it makes me sad to write this, but this is my last letter... I´m having major mixed feelings right now of being excited to go home and at the same time sadness for leaving all this behind. My last week was normal, we taught some peeps and said goodbye to people there in David. I¨m already in Panama (city) visiting people here, and tomorrow we´re going to Colon to see all of them there... Speaking of which, i don´t know if you remember the Dominicanas from Colon, well G_____ the youngest apparently got baptized yesterday, gotta confirm it but that´s what i heard. It almost took a year but it finally happened and that´s the important part. Y____ is probably going to get baptized too but in a few weeks, she is having a hard time getting used to going to a new church because right now she doesn´t understand a lot, she says she likes it but doesn´t feel good about baptism yet. N_____, the dude that has come a few times is progressing really well and is really cool, we hung out for a while after church, they call him Pitbull at church because he looks like the rapper pitbull haha. 
    On Saturday the zone had a good bye surprise party for Elders Aguilar, Alvarez and me, it was sweet. We had a piñata and they gave us signed flags. Then after we had a multi-ward activity which was a soccer tournament and they asked us to make a team too so we did. Our team was good, we made it to the finals but lost at the end. But that´s ok because the team that beat us was a bunch of gangster fools who play all the time and play very well. The first game we won 9-2 and the second 6-3 but then lost 3-5. It was a good way to finish my time in David, i really loved playing street ball like that, i´m going to miss that alot. 
    Well the time has come... never thought the day would come but it´s here so all i gotta say is - see ya Thursday! For food i´m really feelin Texas Roadhouse or homemade BBQ ribs like you said with mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls and brownies and milk :)
    I love you guys and i´ll see ya soon, take care!
Elder Pfister
P.S. i sent a pic of N_____ and the goodbye party

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