Monday, October 7, 2013

Fuerte hasta el final

Sup Trunky Fam,
    Well this week was an interesting one... Some good and bad. I'll start with the bad so I can end with the good. So last week as you guys read was an amazing week, we had like 10 investigators in church who could very easily be baptized. Well it all happened on Tuesday... We had appointments with E_____ and the fam, R_____, Z_____ and R____ and S_____.  So, we eat lunch and go to the first appointment which is with Z_____ and she's not home, but that's not the bad part; we call her and she explains how she got into a fight with a member about some stuff and she says i don't think i'm going to stay in the church and hangs up immediately. We call the bishop and he confirmed it all to be true with the fight and that she may not continue. First blow. Then we call K_____ (the girlfriend) and R______ to go with them to get the medical papers so they can get married. Anyway K_____ answers crying and explains how last night they had gotten into a fight and he moved out to live with his dad and that lots of really ugly things were said. We called R_____ after we contacted her, and he says yeah it happened and says there is really no chance that they will get back together. We were in contact with both of them the whole week and K_____ is super down and R____ is still not wanting to make up. We haven't been encouraging either way because we know that sometimes people need to breakup;  instead we have just been comforting and helping them not to get far away from the Lord in this hard time. Anyway so after calling R____ and hearing that, then we call E_____ to confirm the appointment that we had with them. His wife answers and she says yeah you guys can come over but E_____ is not here, he disappeared yesterday and never came home.... oh no we thought and so we went over there to hear what happened. She explains how his sister had come over and she gave him some money so he could go out and look for work... Well, he went out and got drunk and arrested and he was still in jail. Then his wife goes on venting about all the bad in their lives and stuff... ugh super depressing. Well, then we went to R____'s house which was going to be the one good thing of the day because they are always super happy and positive... Not that day. We get there and they are both gloomy and we ask what's up and they explain how there is a member that is saying lots of ugly things to them and now they don't want to go back to church. We tried talking  but they were set on it. And from there we got on a bus and went overnight to Panama for the Mission Leadership Council.... So this was probably the worst day of my mission as far as people progressing (or not). Anyway, to finish with the not-so-good part of this letter, almost no one went to watch general conference either. 
     Now the good part.... R____ and S_____ did go to watch conference and they said that that week was just a strange one and that Satan was working hard on them and they let him in for a while but learned from it. R_____ (even though it won't be with Kristel) wants to keep going with learning about and going to church and hopefully he will get baptized. He doesn't want to lose everything he has gained and changed in his life. Y____ is still going good, really busy with the University so we couldn't visit her much but she's still progressing. And well the ZL meeting in Panama was good; the mission here is changing a lot with all the new missionaries that are overflowing into here, plus our new Presidente  Carmack is changing it too. Change is always tough at first but i´m really excited for the mission and what it´ll be soon. Plus the best thing of the week was obviously general conference. The best line in there for me was from President Uchtdorf, "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." That´s my new motto for life. The whole conference was really good, really focused on missionary work and other great things. For my birthday, we were dead because we got home at 4 in the morning from Panama and the mission meetings, but we still just got up and worked a normal day, and at the end we had a little dinner with cake at a cool member´s house, simple and sufficient. 
   It´s weird and freaky to hear that Dad is essentially locked out of work, hopefully that gets fixed soon. Also Mom, do you have a girl in your class named Cristal Collier? Anyway that´s Elder Collier's sister, my old comp; we had a laugh about how small this world is. 
    Well that´s what up in my world right now. Even though it really wasn´t a good week at all, i learned from it. No matter how bad it gets there is always an end and a blessing there if you follow with faith and you can learn from it. Trials are for our own good. Love you guys, don´t be too trunky! Take care!
Elder Pfister

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