Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hola familia...

      Well this was a rough week as investigators go because of little difficult things that have come up.  Also I've been sick - a cold i think.... just runny nose, headache, and sore throat.
      M____ who we now need to get married, doesn't have his official ID card because he lost it so we have to get him a new one somehow and then start the whole marriage process which might take time to get all that. Plus with his new job he isn't able to come to church too much.
       With C____, she is traveling so we haven't been able to teach or see whats up with her. I hope she doesn't get cold feet about the church because we haven't been able to meet with her this week.
        With the family that was a good reference from a member lady, we haven't taught the lady but we have taught her husband and he is slowly accepting things. The wife said that he didn't want anything to do with us and now its the wife that is avoiding us, haha. 
      Well because i spent alot of the week in other areas doing divisions I can't say too much about other investigators in our area; also i had to do baptismal interviews for other areas. Its been fun to get to know other areas and people but its kind of sad not working as much in my area with my own investigators.
     I'll miss President Ward when he leaves.  i love the way President Ward has handled missionaries because he's letting us choose to be obedient in a way that we have to decide and not be forced and its helped alot of people, including me, to choose to be obedient. i have learned to be obedient for the blessings, not because they are rules to be followed or anything.
      Re: money, I've learned to budget my mission money and not spend personal money on normal everyday mission living. I think I've finally learned the difference between wants and needs.  It seems to me that is the way that Heavenly Father does it with us right?  I decided that the mission is a mini-life, in the mission if you learn to be obedient using your own will, do things right, you'll do it in life too.
     So i have my camera card that has like 500 fotos on it from all my time in Colon, and last week when i think it gave me a virus or something but different from normal. normally the virus just hides everything and i can unhide it, take it off and clean it but this time i can't find any fotos but the card still says its full. i ran a virus program and everything and it cleaned it but still nothing showing.... ideas?  i think i'll wait till I get home to try to get at the pictures on this card.  I have a ton of fotos and i would hate to lose them because i wasn't able to back them up. 
     Just so you know, changes are the 26th, and i think I am leaving my area. More on that later.
    As for sickness, getting better so no worries, by next week i should be fine! sorry for a short letter, I"ll get a good one in next week! 
Love you tons, take care!
Elder Pfister

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