Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ceviche sabe horrible y se ve peor

Hey There!
    So it´s been good down here in Panama for me. We had the baptism of D------ and that went well but sadly i think we lost some up coming baptisms for the moment because the couple is not married...and we hoped to baptize the whole family of 5.  
    To recap:  D------s baptism went well, we got some ward support and he seems very interested in progressing, and he wants everything that everyone has like shirt and tie and triple and stuff, it´s funny.
    M..... sadly isn´t married so we won´t be able to baptize him this week like we were planning plus his new job is making it difficult for him to come to church which is a bummer. But we are starting to do everything and get it all lined up so he can get married but it appears that it´s harder to get people married here in Arraijan than it was in Colon. 
    C..... is progressing kinda... she is really smart and understands everything and reads and comes to church, but she says that she feels good in life right now and doesn´t feel a need to change anything - but she´s gonna pray to see if it´s something that she needs to do. Also every other weekend she goes up to Penonome to visit family which is slowing things a little but i have faith in her.
    We got a really good reference from a member this week for a friend of hers at work. We went to their home, and we were waiting for this lady to talk to her when her husband came out and explained how she wasn´t feeling well, but we talked with him for a while and he got really interested and we put a cita with him and from what the friend has explained the lady is really interested too. She has been going from church to church looking for one that feels right and so far none have felt right for her so far, so tomorrow we´ll start to guide her to our church to see how she likes it. 
    Well this letter is shorter this week because i don´t feel that great and can´t really think very well - but i put some more fotos on Skydrive. You´ll find that i finally tried ceviche and downed it! i didn´t really like it that much but it wasn´t as bad as i thought it would be. We tried mussel (the black stuff in the photos), octopus (the pink one), and two different shrimp dishes. Mussel was nasty, the octopus was rubbery, and the shrimp tasted pretty good. But it was a fun adventure; i´ve learned to eat anything now! Anyway sounds like everything is going well for you guys, take care!
Elder Pfister

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